Fix my CPS2 woes


I’m at the end of my rope trying to make my ST CPS2 cabinet work. It won’t recognize any kind of sound, rca outputs through amplifiers that it worked well with 3 DAY AGO, will not output sound via jamma or rca jacks, has screen flickering of colors that makes it near nauseating to play (it’s not vsync, the menus are fine), and it’s all in all a huge pain in the ASS.
Well today a few people took it and I said I would fix it up, I’m adjusting the pots on the color for the TV adapter I use, and the power supply fries.
I’m so done.!

Why am I not getting sound,?
Why am I getting color flickering but not in menus? All Roms pass tests.
I’ve ruled out the monitor, which is a TV but uses a converter, I’ve ruled out the converter, and the power supply, so it must be the board. I’ve cleaned the jamma harness, still no qsound from the jacks and flickering remains.

When I touch the rca red against metal, I get feed back from the speakers, which tells me it is 100 percent the boards fault. It worked great 4 weeks ago. The boards are together tight with clips and duct tape. I’m losing my mind.

Any ideas? Maybe some loose ground or something?


I’m not super techy but I’d probably replace the power supply first as it is a very common and relatively inexpensive part. If you have a CPS2 board I’d try to confirm the CPS2 boards work. Maybe pull those out and find someone local who can help you confirm the board is intact. If that is intact, then proceed to determine what is up with your cabinet. I’m sure others on here would have much more experience and feedback on that. The ST board itself could be quite valueable and if you find out it works and you don’t want to invest in fixing your cabinet you can probably sell it off. I’m looking for a US ST board btw. :slight_smile:


Well the board passes the memory checks, but something is obviously wrong. The screen flickers madly when not in test menu, and the sound refuses to work. For the price of a new power supply I could buy a VGA to Svid cable (if that works) two USB input controllers for my sticks, and a long audio wire , to play all my fighters from a menu.

Unless someone knows how fix a problem with the st board that causes flickering color screens and why qsound won’t even work (was working fine prior) when its hooked up 100% correctly and why mess with a video sigil kills my freaking power supply…yeah,the old tech isn’t worth the hassle anymore. It just drives me crazy, and there is almost no information on cps2 trouble shooting. None.


Here are some things to check for & do

  1. Have you tried turning up the volume on the A Board?(Motherboard) I’ve had this happen before where i move things around & i accidentally end up turning the volume completely down.
  2. What is your current sound configuration? If you’re using jamma it should be set to mono, if its rca jack (red & white) then it should be set to stereo
  3. Have you tried using another A board w/ your ST or another B Board game on your Motherboard? What are the results?
  4. What is your current voltage?
  5. You can also reset the volume of the A board, by holding down the volume down button on the A board for at least 5 seconds & then power it up. Once it boots up to the game, let go of the volume down button & press the volume up volume to the desire volume.


Thanks for the tips, I have tried them all. I’ve tried both mono jamma, and rca stereo settings in the game.

I hate cps2!


So what was your result in tip #3?


If it is one of the boards then the last real thing to do would be to swap boards around to try and see which one is faulty. Since the ST board seems to be passing the memory checks without any errors then it could possibly be the A board. But like rcaido and I have suggested,you need to try a different game with it to be sure. Are those the only B and A boards you have?


I’ve seen “A” boards go bad like that. Try swapping that


Going by your MAME build thread I’m assuming you’ve already given up on this?


Just don’t have the money or resources to fix this now.


I’ll take the board off your hands if you want to sell it.


I’d trade a complete MAME build with two player CP for this.



I’ve decided to make it a Mame cabinet until I can afford a undamned console, and fix the caps that need fixing. I recently lost my job so I think its my best option, as the boards menus work fine, but the demo and playing are flickering like mad.

I’ll just use the time to really learn the one and outs of this board…maybe salvage the udcps2 USB converter I shorted out lol. My luck with electronics.