Great video on the making of Aliens…at 22:00 minutes or so they talk about how they actually created a real facehugger model that could walk and move on its own…IN REAL LIFE.

You’d rather just make believe the Alien was there in front of the camera with CGI? SHIT IS WEAK. LOL.

Oh…missed this little creature here.

Sigh. Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it…

You’re actually arguing our past doesn’t matter? LOL

I’ll rape your small mind with a quote from the 1970s series Kung Fu (also before my time):

“If a man dwells on the past, then he robs the present. But if a man ignores the past, he may rob the future. The seeds of our destiny are nurtured by the roots of our past.”


pyrolee who would win in an arm wrestling ft3, you or Dander

after watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and King Kong…I can honestly say Peter Jackson is an overrated director.

Those movies weren’t technically badly directed, but give someone 4+hours for a movie’s runtime and anyone can make a good movie.

pootnannies theres a name I haven’t seen in years lol

Yup!!! Half of the people posting in here know nothing about this:

Tarantino’s post 2000 stuff is still hard as nails. May be N°1 before 2000 and easy N°1 after.

But other than that I’ve a hard time coming up with good stuff. I’ll be back.

I had a witty, passionate retort in all caps ready to go, but then I realized the last movie I saw in theaters was Tammy (dragged out with family, theater was nice though).

I think (and I’m probably not the only one with this problem) I’ve played too much console peasant Street Fighter to sit through most movies (although I did watch the first Iron Man and the Avengers, those were aight considering I didn’t pay $12 to watch them in theaters)

I might be going out to SoCal in March. Somebody culture me up.

you may not be able to understand this- blame Atheism

cant wait for the new Terminator movie

Watch Birdman.


pyro your posts on here always leave me in tears

but pyro, haven’t you watched inception. That movie was a social engineers mind game and it made a lot of money because it was like what the mind works. YEah.

black hat? pssh

more like bitch wigga from thor

weakass not even Michelle Yeoh in James Bond tier sidekick

You can sum it all up with one word. Money. It doesn’t matter if it’s good, it matters if it makes money. Peoples attention spans are getting shorter and shorter by the year. Movies, music, art, etc. all have to adjust to this. Everything needs to be dumbed down. That’s how you have to sell it.

When you put too much money into things they usually turn to crap. Everything starts becoming streamlined. The vision becomes more and more cookie cutter. They go for the same tricks, the same feel and it all starts feeling too similar.

See: Peter jackson in the Hobbit as opposed to LOTR

You gotta go where the starving artists are. Easier to find the people coming at it from real love. Of course there’s still a lot of crap with them too, but at least they’re trying there. And even in the mainstream there are people who have that love, it’s just harder to find (and probably edited out by producers!)

Umm…usually the opposite is true. The fact that it still is good says something for PJ then because most people can’t make a 30 second trailer without running out of interesting content, much less a movie over 90 minutes.

See: Everything related to Bay’s transformers.

ah yes, isn’t that the most universally appreciated aspect of a movie?

“it wasn’t that good, but at least it was 4 hours long”


“yeah most of the movie was pretty ass but that scene where he was floating around in his mind and then when he was going backwards into consciousness was fucking sick”

I’m being harsh on inception, I think, seeing as I enjoyed it a bit BUT you get my gist.

This isn’t really a discussion, but just some random thoughts for the OP.

I have seen maybe 20 movies that came out after 2000, only three movies in theaters (Lethal Weapon 4, Gladiator, Three Ten to Yuma). I find myself often going back to the safety zone of 80’s and 90’s film because there really are some masterpieces in there as you point out. Terminator 2 is perhaps my favorite action/Sci-Fi movie. Casino is probably my favorite film and I find it really easy to watch even several times a year.

I liked movies like The Big Lebowski, but it didn’t change my life (perhaps my sense of humor is off). Robocop is still kind of cool if only because it somewhat predicted the future.

Ocean’s Twelve is probably the worst thing I’ve seen in modern memory. Couldn’t even finish it.

The Dark Knight is probably the best movie of the prior decade and a true masterpiece, but I absolutely hated Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises.

Even an average movie like Ronin seems amazing compared to what I might have someone tell me I “must see”. The Departed was also really well done for what it was. I think the industry just ran out of ideas. I kind of feel bad for kids born in the 90’s, a little.

I just watched Inception last week. It was way better than I thought it was going to be. I liked it even and it took the next few days for me to figure out what I didn’t like about it.

Also, for the sake of stupid lists - 80s/'90s (not really in order, but kind of):

Terminator 2
The Falcon and the Snowman
Rumble Fish
Buffalo 66 (yes, really)
Hellraiser II

Least favorite movie I remember seeing in the last 10 years: Garden State

Question for OP: Do you think Days of Future Past Worth seeing? I haven’t seen any of the X-men films but really like that storyline.