[FIXED] Hori Real Arcade Pro V XBONE PC issues, haaaaaalp!

Got a brandnew XBONE stick in the mail today to use with PC since i dont have an XBONE. My older hori sticks all work with windows 7 x64 fine.
After installing the official m$ Xbone controller driver the status of the stick changes from “unknown hw” to “xbox gaming device”. However the stick itself nor the buttons are recognised in either ultra SF4, xpadder or any emulator i tried.
There is no hori driver as of now. Did anyone manage to get this stick to work on windows? Is there any hack, inf, or any solution available anywhere? Thx.

Yeah MS did a shit job making their new Xbox one drivers.
The Drivers are only intended for their own 1st part controllers and some normal XB1 game pads.

Before anything else, go to Devices and Printers
Find your Stick,
Right click and choose Game controller setting
You see pop up the game controller applet joy.cpl
find your stick and click on properties.
You have another window pop up with the properties
Here test the inputs of your stick

Keep in mind every Xbox One stick is not a standard Xbox One device (except for the newest model Hori XBOX One/ Xbox 360 / PC stick, yes its billed as such) , even when you get the stick to finally work you not have the use of the RT and LT buttons. Further more on Win 10 with the new Windows Xbox App only MS approved controllers will work, that excludes many licensed Xbox One controllers.

If your stick does not work


Uninstall the driver, plug your stick and reboot the Computer.
Plug in your stick, instead of installing the Xbox Driver install allow Windows to b]Autodetect** and install the stick.
It might search the web for drivers, let this happen. This will allow windows to choose for it self what files it needs.

"Windows cannot initialize the device driver for this hardware. (Code 37)"
Is what i get on this tab. Troubleshooting doesn’t help because no valid driver can be found (still have the fabulous ms driver installed).

When i manually run joy.cpl nothing shows up in the list of controllers, its empty.

Downloaded the latest net. framework. Didn’t change a thing, The controller is still missing a driver.
Has anyone ever managed to get the RAP V Xbone to work with windows?

Here something weird, and I don’t expect it to work but sometimes necessary.

Did you installed Direct X 9.0C ? download URL http://filehippo.com/download_directx/

There are plenty of files that are left out of the newer iterations of Direct X that old versions provide.
Uninstall your stick drivers, reboot and try installing Direct 9.

Fixed it!!!1 Salvation comes in the form of two additional m$ installers. Without these two files the Xbone controller driver does NOT install properly. So anyone with similar issues DOWNLOAD THESE NOW from the m$ site:

—> kmdf-1.11-Win-6.1-x64.msu
—> Umdf-1.11-Win-6.1-x64.msu

The hrap v stick works like a charm now, and what an awesome little beast it is.
Thanks Darksakul for trying!