Fixing a Fightpad

Hey guys I was just wondering if someone could help me out.

Long story short I picked up my fightpad yesterday and started playing as usual when mid fight I noticed my Down directional was not hopping back up and it felt lowered and much more sensitive. “Thinking” my warranty was up, I opened it up to see what was wrong and the rubber cap that connects to the board to send the signal was torn on the down direction. I’m not gonna lie the material looks really weak compared to the other controllers I’ve opened up in the past.

After I opened it up is when I realized that my warranty was not voided yet so I immediately regretted opening it. But I know what the problem is now. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way for me to fix this or where I could get a replacement part. I have temp fix for it for now so I can still somewhat play it but, who knows how long that’ll last. Thanks in advance for any and all help :karate:

Bump? :sweat:

I take it no one knows how to help me then? ?_? I could really use the help guys :<

That’s lame, man!

Stupid question, but how obvious is it that you opened it? Like is there a seal or what? (Sorry, searched a little and couldn’t find an answer.)

So the rubber pad underneath the directional button was torn, but is still attached by a little piece or so?

If so, then couldn’t you just hot glue the piece back together? If it’s missing though [the rubber pad], then I don’t know what I would do in that situation. Probably invest in another fightpad, to be honest.

Yeah they placed a seal over the the one screw in the back portion that’s in the center. But I’m pretty sure thats exactly why it was placed there. :s

I’m not sure hot gluing it would fix the problem, honestly :x The way the rubber piece works is to bounce the button back up when its not being held or pressed. When its torn it doesn’t allow for it bounce back up correctly on release. :o (I’m no expert but when I held it in my hand and was examining it all the other connection points would spring up.

Ah, I think I see what you mean now.

Well LeighSyaoran, this is quite a small nuisance you have on your hands. I hope that you’re able to fix it somehow, or that someone who knows more on the matter chimes into your thread.

Best of luck to you and your Fightpad. :rockon:

Yeah, sounds like it might be toast. I dunno how it could be fixed short of replacing the d-pad’s rubber (huhuh) entirely. It’s a shot in the dark, but maybe call Mad Catz and see if you can’t somehow get just that piece from them.

I throw away parts like the one you’re looking for every time I hack a game controller. Find someone who hacks controllers routinely in your area and ask for the dpad rubber. If the dpad is not faulty but only the piece of silicon (?) under it, then it’s even more standard I think, you should find some pretty easily.

Thanks for some of the help guys. Unscrewed some controllers and found some silicon /rubber pieces but not in the shape I need it to be. I have a temp fix for now where I used one of the “hats” (I apologize I’m not fluent in the correct names of these parts.) I after some cutting, I placed it where the torn one is on top of it. The D-Pad feels a bit stiff now but I can execute combos again for the most part. I can’t help but wonder if this fix will end up causing some other parts damage in the long run so currently I’m not being to hardcore with it, just in case.

Madcatz has been very understanding with people that have issues. If you let the know that you got it and checked and its just that rubber part, they may just send you that little piece and let you fix it. I needed a couple parts for one of my sticks to fix it and they were very willing just to save money and send me what I needed.

Is the rubber cross big? I ask because I’ve seen the d-pad on the fightpad and it’s somewhat bigger than the usual d-pads.
I’ve got a couple from other controllers around. Try posting a picture with something to compare the size (like a coin) and maybe someone can send you a similar one.


Yeah I’m trying that. Sent them an e-mail and currently waiting for a response. :x If I can get a replacement piece sent to me, then it would work awesome.


Its actually surprisingly small. :open_mouth: most have a cross shape through out the entire design but the only cross on this one is the one made to contact the board. the silicon/rubber is shapes like a square. Assuming you’re looking at the back of the controller on your desk, it looks kind of like the cover of a shoebox. Its designed to be placed on top of a square outline coming from behind the D-Pad. Its kind of working right now so I’m hesitant to open it. But I’ll see if I can’t open it sometime soon to show what its like.

just fyi, you may be better off giving them a call and explaining your situation. Their email system is apparently reallly backed up right now.

Yeah thanks for the heads up, MasterKojiro. xD I’ll try giving them a call soon.