Fixing blocking in both directions with ps controllers for Ultimate

I hope they fix this problem in ultimate marvel. I really don’t want to have rip my analog sticks to play this game legit. Its bad enough evo banned ps3 pads.

It sucks that no one actually tested if this still worked because im sure the demos that were out were played on sticks :frowning:

Evo will let you use Xbox pads next year. LOL.

^:lol: oh god…

I honestly never realized it was possible on controller. Now that you mention it though, I have a hard time holding the controller while holding both directions.

Lol you can do it on xbox too.

I think they should just have 2 controller by every station. Or when you sign up in advance tell them what you plan to use so they can prepare and see if it’s doable.

It would take a few days to check the gear of everyone who enters. It’s just easier to ban.

No one said making things high line would be easy.

That’s not why. They ban them because of the stupid way the PS3 handles desyncing. It’s not game or “double-block” specific at all.