Fixing GD's behavior problem

Lately there has been a lot of trolling going on. I am experiencing it the most and it is really hurting my feelings.

Well guess what I am contacted the admins about this issue, and if you don’t quit trolling me i will sue EVERYBODY who trolls me.

This thread will be used to review and improve the behavior of some members so they stop trolling and spaming on the Srk forms.

Haha…you deserve the bitchmade button.

This is what I’m talking about a bunch of troll flamers

Reported yu to the WIZ

GD is where all the old men from the neg rep days hang out. If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Weeeeeeeee’re off to seee the Wizard the wonderful Wizard of Oz…

Go away, HaveatPoo. You are not authentic. Or funny.


at least be creative

The thing about that, the OP would just make another account even though Dramatix isn’t as bad, Dramatix would be flagged with it more.

How about we fix

  • the shitty fucking layout and themes.
  • 90% of shitty poster posters.
  • All the shitty threads.
  • The annoying ass ads. (Thank god for adblock… sorry SRK I used to love you, but now I don’t give a fuck).
  • The 18038203208 bugs on this fucking piece of shit you call a website now.
  • The dumb ass front page. (would it be that hard to actually try and spell shit correctly?)

GD trolling behavior is the last of my worries. Matter of fact GD is dead… I visit like SRK once every 2 weeks and I don’t see anything new. Even as something as big as the Zimmerman case gets only like 3k post. GD is dead.

That’s fine by me because the only people who belong in a kitchen are dumb bitches

Someone wasn’t around during 09-11 years…

I’ve been struggling to really express myself, so I’m going to have to turn to one of the greatest philosophers of our time.

Oh wow 2009.

You must have distinguished tenure because you got to experience rep before the nu let’s squanders its greatness.

I bet you also think steel is classic.


…did he actually try to diss SRK Blue Steel, just now?

Level 1 Havatchu uses TrollShock


Bad Havatchu.

Back inside the Pokeball with you.

I was talking about the default skin for the forums back in 09.

Louis probably thinks that’s old school

should have been here back in 01, you would have been called a fucking faggot fuck face.