Fixing/modifying arcade stick, need help with Artwork

OK, this is my original stick

I loved it, but recently having some problem with switches on the Semitsu stick, so I have decided to switch back to a Sanwa stick instead, switching the stick is easy, but on close inspection, I found out that I have some problem with the art work that is suppose to be placed under the clear acrylic sheet

  1. It wrinkles. Probably due to moisture from my hand, the paper printed art work wrinkles. I think this problem might be able to be solved by buying a can of spray paint for art works and paint the cover art with it. Or… any other suggestion to don’t let it wrinkle?

  2. The clear acrylic piece and the case is not a tight fit, by all means, small particles can get between the artwork and the acrylic sheet. This is rather annoying, because it seems like the paint on my case is been slowly slice away by the moving acrylic sheet, and the black paint powder is starting to cover parts of the art.
    Does anyone have any suggestion of how to bond the acrylic sheet and art work together without leaving any gap with out applying a layer of glue on the acrylic sheet?

I would appreciate any input, thanks

Can you show us a NOW picture of your stick it helps.

that … might be a bit difficult… since the camera that I used before is now officially in my sister’s possession,
and my only available digital image taking device, is my cell phone, which has horrible focus… I will try and ask my friends for a camera tomorrow I guess =__=

Picture quality isnt a big issue, Im just curious what you mean by its deforming

The art on the stick? Or the art inside of the plungers

art on stick, the big piece of paper under the clear sheet
I can see it wrinkle into wave forms under the acrylic sheet

the art inside plungers are completely fine

Im sure it doesn’t cost much to reprint the art at kinko’s if worst comes to worst.

cost about a dollar per page, not too expensive, but not cheap as well
but really… a dollar really isn’t much, I just wish there is a way to water vapor proof? it so that i don’t need to go through
all those work just to change another wrinkled paper in the future. Also, somewhat dirt proof the layer between the acrylic sheet and the paper

How did it get wet <_<

my best guess, water vapor from my hand, goes through the opened hole on the sheet for the shaft, then reached the artwork

Pretty far-fetched sounding but possible, I don’t know any fix for this other then to replace the art again someone else might know something

what type of paper was it printed on? you might want to try to get it printed on card stock paper if it wasn’t already.

A dollar is too much?

Is that what a bottle of pop costs?

No a dollar isn’t too much
but a dollar for printing one letter paper is not cheap at all

I guess i will try to see if i can a letter size photo paper… it might work better against moist

For a full color print on 8.5"x11" paper is about 50 cents, over 50% of that is cost alone

color toner is not cheap dude, a large print like ledger size full color is easily a dollar or more, cost on something like that is almost 70 cents

that’s not even taking into account the workers or the wear on the machine

they use laser printer there. I highly doubt a laser full color copy is going to cost them 70 cent.
Also, what workers? I have to pay to use their computer so I can print out stuff, and when I found out that their prints have two yellow lines across all pages,
it took me half an hour just so that someone will even come and look at the printer

Im talking about laser printers

I used to work at a print center