Fixing my Hori EX2

My EX2 is starting to bite the dust I cant block low without my stick wigging out, either registering as straight down or straight back.

Can it be repaired, or do I replace the stick? Also, is it easy? Really trying to avoid buying yet another stick.

I had a similar problem. Just change out the microswitches in the joystick.

Just buy new microswitches from one of the online retailers. Switching the microswitches requires you to do some soldering/desoldering work. Depending on that it might be difficult for you.

You should go ahead and try it. It’s a good learning experience. I know I had fun, lol. There are also plenty of tutorials for the EX2 flowing around on the tech board so read up beforehand.

From my experience, the microswitches are just fine. I heard they use arcade quality switches, anyways. However, also from my experience, the solder job on them is very flimsy. Check the solder points (underneath the heatshrink) and resolder them if you have to.