Fixing my innovation DC adapter (pics inside)

Can someone please look at their converter and help me?

What color goes where?

I would be very thankful!

im guessing each wire goes to each of those solder points.

can you solder?

I know they go to each solder point, but I don’t know which wire goes to which point.

Yes, I can solder.

im expecting one in the mail

ill open it up and let you know


Thanks a lot. That will be much appreciated, but if anyone has any info today, that would be awesome since I’m using my roommate’s Soldering tool before he moves out tomorrow. lol

oh crap haha
i HOPE i get it today

turns out i did get it today
your lucky day haha

ill pm you pics later
im at work right now

from left to right:
red - white - yellow - green (and bare) - orange - black - blue

according to:

*Insert me envying you for actually acquiring am innovation DC adapter, and finding your ISP address, so I can locate you here *

…that went well.

Ill try it and let you know! Thanks!

Well, I wired it up just like it said, and it blew my DC controller port out.

You prolly did something wrong




Sorry man, didn’t know. Just dug up and old thread to try and help.

heh, that was my old post. now i can take pics tho…

Joseph Laird uploaded this image to

Luckily blown ports are an easy fix. Did you remember the bare wire? It’s the greyish one that is uncovered once it goes into the cable, and sits on top of the green wire. Is that the ground or some kind of shielding cable? I just mod em, i don’t understand em.

I had to replace the connector that plugs into the dc on mine cuz the cheap plastic broke and it refused to work unless i used a really short replacement. Whoever built that vmu slot on the innovation should be slapped.

I clicked because I misread the thread title as “Finding my innovation” and I was imagining photos you took during your incredible and fantastical journey wherein you sought and actually found an Innovation adapter even after their website stopped selling them. I was hoping I would be able to follow your heroic post as a trail guide to acquire one of my own. :sad:

I opened up both of mine (one is MK1, other is MK2). Both were wired to the little board the same. From left to right:
Red - White - Yellow - (Black & Green) - Brown - Grey - Blue