Fixing PSP 1000 D-pad without opening it?


I want to play my PSP fighting games, but there’s one problem, the d-pad sucks! I want to fix it but without opening it, because I’m kinda scared of messing up the insides.


sorry bud. thats not really possible. id say get a used slim model on teh cheap. their dpads are WAAAAAAAY better than the phat one. and you can do whatever kinda *cough homebrew on there you want, depending on the model


They are very easy to open…replacement parts are easy and cheap to get too… Amazon and ebay have them


That’s like saying you want to fix a car, but don’t want to open the hood. It doesn’t quite work that way. Either find a guide, get some basic tools for electronics, and fix it yourself, or buy another PSP.


I know a way… first go to school and get a science degree, work harder and be smarter than any person who ever existed and perfect teleportation transporting technology and use that to swap out d-pads.


If there were a way to do this it would probably be harder than just opening it up.


I know there was a d-pad fix from ufighterx, but the site is gone. Does anyone have the guide?


well if you wanna do that mod, you’re still gonna have to take that baby apart.


I’m willing to do that now, anyone have it?



Just be careful with dust. I tried to fix my PSP-1000 nub (didn’t work, bought a Go and hacked it instead) and there was a piece of dust in the screen every time I put it together.


Another vote for be careful. I put a screw in the wrong hole and screwed it through the screen lulz.


thats what generally happens when things go in wrong holes


Get a Vita. Best. Dpad. Ever. (almost)


You could always get one of those stick-on D-pad risers:

I had that set, and put one of those D-pad covers on for a while on my PSP-1000. Couldn’t say it was great, but was definitely better than the thing in stock form.
Then I got the PSP-2000 when it came out and I stopped caring. :smiley: