Fixing SFV Juri [What's your thoughts?]



You should’ve say if you are good at reading your charged vskill shouldnt get blocked often, even infiltration gets his vskill blocked once in a while.


IMO just give us our from USF4 back. It took Capcom years, but that one button fixed so many problems.

Actually if I’m honest, they should take every step to make her play like she did in 4. She was one of only 2 zoners added in 4, and Poison was kinda just another shoto with better corner pressure. USF4 Juri was a completely new playstyle and she was only in the 4 series, so there was no need to revamp her like some other characters we’ve seen stay the same for 20+ years.


Extend the hitbox of her store and EX Fuha.


That’s because he does it randomly to catch his opponent off guard. Juri’s v-skill is really good for punishing whiffed normals and can even do so from full screen depending on the normal.


Juri’s v trigger needs to be buffed in some way. It does not last long at all for it to be as effective as a comeback mechanic.

I would definitely like her v trigger fireballs to not consume as much as it does atm.

Cr.hp should have more active frames maybe?

-Ex fuha should move her forward more and have a better hitbox (mainly for vtc stuff)

-extend hitbox of store slightly.

Being able to follow up with light pinwheel, lvl 2 v-skill, and hk release after stores hit, right now the only option is to use ex fuha for the juggle.

Increase health to 950 :wink:


If her v-trigger was two bars, then her current V-trigger would make sense.

Also don’t know if you are joking or not, but her health is 950 already.


If her vtrigger were 2 bars she could probably be consider mid tier, but I rather have a strong 3 bars VT sadly we’ve got a 3 bars useless VT, imo so far the best utility for her vt is to comfirm xx hk fuha into CA


I still think her v skill charge should recharge her vtrigger bar kind of like birdie can refill his by eating.


This I like, that way it can be used to force opponent to get close like Mika’s mic


I do like this.


vskill lvl2 able to perform in air, hit opponents would be in spinning air state to be able to follow up with command move or ex. jumping in the air and canceling vskill would just cause her to teleport down or teleport to original spot from where she jumped. ( sorry hard to explain all this ). special properties to CA when in v trigger, like ryu denjin shinku or guiles sonic tempest. Mk xx mk fuha release loop in v trigger, just increase trigger burn, 3 loops max maybe. mk fuha release a overhead or back roundhouse 2 second hit overhead. target combo second hit, hits crouching opponents.


doing qcf lk,mk,hk fuha storage in secession is a rekka combo and stores sf4 juri projectiles or something else.


I agree in general, I don’t think that these are the best possible changes, but any buff right now would be a godsend


I think two simple changes would instantly make her not trash:

  • Start each round will full stock
  • Change VT to 2 bars with set timer

These would also help:

  • give c.HP an actual hitbox or replace it altogether
  • TC should never whiff on hit (seriously wtf?)
  • more frame advantage from CC


which cc? enough to dash forward heavy?

If you’re in range to CC crHP you can walk up stHP, to get a heavy from CC stHK you have to be close and walk forward… I guess after cc stHK it’d be nice to dash forward stMP, but she doesn’t get much cc anyways aside from dp punishes…


I’m not super experienced, but I think Juri is okay as she is. Two really cool things though would be the ability to combo out of her overhead, and to cancel the vskill cancel into normals so it kind-of acts like a command dash. (thoughts on this second one? ive been in training mode for the past few days and i think it would be cool)


Her vskill cancel is kind of useless unless you do it to avoid getting hit while charging, I think they should rework it a little to work as command dash maybe reducing the start up or the recovery frames.


It’s surprisingly good for fucking around with Guile players. Going full screen and then cancelling it point blank and going for a throw does work, if only because so few Juri players use it that way.


Make her V-Skill less punishable.

Karin is -5 on block, but Juri is -10.


make her M. fuha an overhead.