Fixing SSFIV TE-S Warped Plexi?

I got a SSF4 TE-S stick recently, but the area where I rest my left hand is warped and not completely flat. The plexi near some of the buttons is also having this issue.

Is there anyway to flatten this out? If not, is the artwork removable so that I can put it on a brand new plexi from Art?

I’ve tried to contact MadCatz by email and phone multiple times, but can’t get a hold of anyone…

If it’s the stock art, yes it should be removable.

Yeah, it’s the stock art.

Do I need to warm it a little with a hairdryer or something? The artwork seems pretty stuck on there… Thanks.

Hmm, I just got a reply from Art and this is what he said:

"Your stock artwork is not a Plexi and Artwork combination. It is just one piece of plastic with the artwork printed directly onto the plastic. You cannot remove just the artwork from it, without damaging the layers.

You can apply a plexi on top of the stock plastic artwork. It will create a thicker layer for your buttons to snap in tightly, but it may still work. That is an option."