Fixing Stick Mount


Hey guys, attempted to troubleshoot this quite a bit before posting. Can’t seem to find anyone else that’s had a similar issue.

The other day the stick of my stick basically fell through itself. I took it apart, and this is what i found.

My stick is mounted onto this:

Which is mounted onto this:

but it had fallen off the board, leaving this

I had bought the stick used a few years ago. I’m not very familiar with the insides of sticks, but it looks to me as though the original owner had soldered on the mount to the board. What I’m basically wondering is what the best fix possible is, I don’t exactly know how to solder, so if there is an alternate route that’s what I’d like to take.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks!


First off, the mounting bracket was tac welded on not soldered, there is a world of difference here.
You got a few options

  1. weld the mounting bracket back on.
  2. drill and counter sink holes front he top of the panel so you can screw the mounting bracket back into place
  3. 2-part epoxy the mount back into place
  4. Similar to option 2, but you forgo the mounting bracket and screw/bolt the mount plate of your joystick into place.
    You might need some stand offs or some spacers to get the right height.


If you don’t know a welder and can’t DIY I would epoxy it. That will be the most simple solution. You could always run it by an exhaust shop and see if they could tac it for you real quick. In my experience something as simple as this would cost you little to nothing to have done.


…I see this now and feel really stupid.

Think I’m going to go the epoxy route. Any recommended brands/kinds?


Random question. Why are those pictures flipped?


They aren’t.

…or maybe I don’t understand what you mean


They’re flipped in the sense that the Turbo panel to the TE is supposed to be in the top-left of the casing, not the top-right.
I’m presuming those are webcam shots?


I like JB Weld. Stuff once cured is strong as steel. Get the regular slow set stuff and not JB quick.
It take longer to set and cure, but the bond is stronger.


Sorry to hijack but it is related, @Darksakul I have not used JB Weld, in your experience would it hold nuts to the underside of a faceplate for a fanta mount, or does it need the large surface area contact as in the OP’s instance to make a good bond.


Honestly for what you are asking, JB Weld isn’t a ideal solution. You really need to replace that top panel.
You still have to worry about widening the opening for the Fanta’s joystick collar that sticks though the whole for the shaft.
I would hold, but you are assuming the nuts are held on straight, flush and no epoxy is getting in the threads of the nuts.

Anyways, JB Weld isn’t the best solution to the OP’s problem but its the solution that the OP can perform themselves.


Thanks mate, appreciate the response.
I knew I was clutching at straws, but I damn well clutched anyway :wink: