Fixing Street Fighter IV Arcade Stick

Well it has been about a month and 4 days since I bought my fight stick and I have a bit of complaints and needing advice on how to fix. I am deciding on whether to send it to Mad Catz which is located in Redlands CA which is 10 miles from where I live or mod the button to Sanwa. I have played the arcade stick and I have noticed some buttons stick and some have broke. Does anyone recommend or have a tutorial on how to fix and how to fix my joystick.

Also can I use any Sanwa button or a specific type?

You can use any 30mm Sanwa buttons you like. However, if you get screw-in Sanwa OBSN-30 buttons, they have a ton of trouble fitting down on the bottom right button, because the nuts included with them are huge. A seimitsu nut will fix it, or trimming down the button a bit. Most people opt for Sanwa OBSF-30 snap in buttons, and a JLF-TP-8YT-SK joystick.

I’m assuming you have a Standard edition fightstick? Then, yes, swapping out your parts (which is very easy) will likely fix any problems. The stock parts are terrible, and replacing them will be a snap. You just need to be able to handle a screwdriver, and maybe a pair of pliers. Then, you are qualified to mod your SE.

I’m assuming you have the Standard Edition (SE) stick? If so, they are notorious for malfunction/breaking quite easily. My SE stick started to act up within the first 2 or 3 days of casual use.

Anyways, if you mod it with Sanwa parts, it’ll be just as good as the Tournament Edition (TE) stick. You can use Seimitsu or other just out of personal preference, but Sanwa is common since they’re already in the TEs.

You can buy parts from several different retailers, as seen posted on this forum, is a common one. As far as tutorials, it’s very simple and any monkey can do it, here’s a guide to get you through it:

No Sanwas, go with Seimetsus!!

I just ordered a full sanwa setup for my SE. I bought it 2 weeks ago and the buttons won’t stop sticking. The buttons on the SE are so horrible its nearly impossible to do a legit 3 button ultra.

Now this is really ticking me off, now the turbo function on my bottom two right buttons have no given out. The buttons register but the turbo function when I try to activate it does not work.

That’s bad why? :slight_smile:

I agree. Best that you didn’t use the turbo, that’s definitely a taboo thing in tournament play.

I understand using turbo is taboo but I’m using it just for the last 3 wins I wanna get over with in Ranked Matches to get my achievement. D:
And the RB is stuck too, plus it does not respond.

I honestly don’t even know if there’s a way to fix the turbo problem. I’m thinking it might be a problem with the PCB, honestly. However, do the LEDs on the panel turn on for the affected buttons?

And you’re using the chumpy Bumper 3 punch/3 kick buttons? :sad: Maybe something is loose or disconnected. Make sure that the wires are both connected to the terminal strip securely and the button securely.

Ah I see. But I am just going to ship it back to Mad Catz which is in the same city I live in haha. Now also the thing is that all the other turbo buttons light up. But just asking one more thing how was anyone’s response to receiving there arcade stick back from the manufacture?

Did you replace the parts or are you still using stock parts?

Everything is still stock and the seal has not been broken.

Not to meddle in your affairs, but you are doing a real disservice not putting in Sanwa parts. It’s really easy to do, and will last you a great deal longer than those cheap knockoffs Madcatz offers. But I guess you’ll see that modding is inevitable when they fix your SE just so it can break again >_>. Sorry to hear about the turbo problem, that hasn’t happened to mine yet.

Well see I am going to eventually swap out the original parts for Sanwa but I am first going to get my Turbo fixed, not that I want to use it, its just I am hoping they replace all the parts on my stick or the whole thing. I cannot dash any more and when ever I start up my stick it automatically get stuck to the right. So let alone it is not my buttons that are the only thing that is crapping out, it is the Buttons, Turbo and the Stick.

My main concern is the Turbo as I have said even thoe I do not use it anymore, its just I have OCD on the fact I blew 60 bucks on something equivalent to a game and I will not let it go to waste. So when or if I get them replaced I will then swap out the parts for Sanwa. :smiley:

Well after haggling with MadCatz are they supposed to send me a box or something?

Le Bump.

Dude, that is uncool. Sanwa or Seimetsu should be a matter of preference not a blinding fact; which it isn’t.

Its like arguing Coca-cola vs Pepsi, Xbox 360 vs PS3, or tacos or Cheese Burgers.

Doesn’t help the fact that when you introduce someone into arcade sticks, first good button brand they’ll probably use is sanwa.

It doesn’t hurt to suggest seimitsus. Seimitsus need love too you know :3