Fixing TE stick shell

So part of the shell of my TE stick is gone. The cheap ass plastic busted very easily, and I’m left with 3/4 of a TE stick. I’ve got the middle plastic shell, where the pcb/turbo pcb - start/select buttons are housed. the steel bottom and top part and the sides.

The part that’s gone is the outter part where the side bazel things clip onto. I dual modded this so warranty is void. Is there anyway of getting a replacement for this? I would even pay Mad Catz for the plastic, but I doubt they would do that.

If not, anyone got any bright ideas on how to put this p.o.s back together?

if worse comes to worse you can just gut and buy a new case (a custom one from one of the many talented peoples here.

also, someone is bound to ask for pics of it to see if its actually fixable or not, get some if you can.

Those damn TE sticks, always breaking in half!

Are you a ninja and use the te as a grappling hook?

When I get mad and lose, I thrown my controllers on the ground and step on them while jumping up and down. That’s probably the reason why I buy thousands of controllers within a year.

Did you Chris Brown VS. Rihanna your stick up?

This thread is full… FULL… of win.

this was the damage. The shell split into four pieces. That brown shit is some adhesive I had lying around which didn’t stick.

So I bought some superglue and that worked a bit better.

It didn’t look very fancy after its resurrection. So I stuck some leather on it…

better than nothing I guess.

that’s pretty neat

you could have applied a lil bondo and some sanding to that, should be easy to fix IMO if the super glue holds it. Bondo surely will as a well. Then you can just repaint it.

Perhaps, you know those sticks can’t get along in a relationship.

I would have used plastic cement

that stuff never breaks and it’s cheap as hell

I’m sorry but I have to ask. What the hell did you do to your TE? Did it fall out of a moving truck?