Fixing TE stick


I just got a TE stick and it works… oooooook… but the joystick is REALLY lose… if i flick it then it bounces and goes back and forth… this was not a problem with my old one… (for the ps3) and i want to know if there is anything i can do about this? can i make it tighter or buy a new coil to add more resistance? thanks for any and all help!


Sanwa JLF’s are loose. You can add a stiffer spring to it, but I personally prefer the Seimitsu LS-32 and LS-56 to the JLF.


thanks for the help so i dont mean to sound dumb but what spring am i looking for is there a one size fits all or is there one for this stick?


I am assuming that your new aquisition is actually “used”?

I would not worry about it. The stock JLF is supposed to be rather “loose” in feel. Much more so than any Happ/Il joystick. It just means that your TE has been properly “broken in”. However, if it is that much of a concern to you then yes - you can easily add or replace various springs to the Sanwa JLF to adjust the tension and depending on your opinion, the throw as well.

The two springs I prefer to use with the JLF are both Seimitsu parts.

LS-33: this is a slightly stiffer spring than the JLF stock and considered to be of medium tension by japanese standards. This spring is, IMO, best utilized when placed inside or intertwined with the stock JLF spring. It is my opinion that the two combined offer a resistance that is very close in feel to the Happ competition joystick handle. It also offers the added benefit (again - my opinion here) of decreasing the overall throw of the joystick’s motion. Meaning that the motion it takes to move from one side to the other feels lessened. That might not physically be true, but it is just the way it “feels” to me.

LS-55: this spring should be used as a complete replacement for the JLF stock. Combining this with the JLF stock spring will render the handle immoveable. It is considered a hard spring by japanese standards. But to me, it offers the equivilant resistance of the LS-33 and JLF stock combined but without the feeling of the decrease in throw. So it is stiff but still retaining the full range of motion that the JLF stock has and is known for.

slagcoin Joystick Controller page

This site would give you much more information regarding springs (and joysticks in general) and their inherent properties than I could ever successfully describe here


NOPE! out the box that is why i want to replace it and you gave me all i need to do just that… (except the spring lol) so thanks!


Does anyone know where I can find the link to a site that specialises in arcade mod parts. the site I am thinking of used to be displayed here on SRK at the top of every page where that picture of ibuki is now. I am trying to get an octagonal gate for a semitsu stick and a bat top for both a semitsu and a sanwa stick. anyone know what I am talking about here?



That was ModChipMan.
They are no more.

Just order from Lizard Lick.