Fixing the street fighter 4 standard edition fightstick

So I’ve had this problem for a while. My sf fightstick has issues with the corners. Every time I try to jump by using one of the corners sometimes ill jump others ill do nothing and its been bugging me. So I know my options are basically get a new fightstick entirely and replacing the part but just trying to see if there was maybe a remedy for this. If not ismit better to sell it and buy a different one or just replace the stick

So you are not always hitting your corners like you should?
Paradise Arcade Shop does sell oversize actuators for the Sanwa JLF.

They come in 1 of 4 sizes or you can buy the combo pack of all 4

I suggest the red one for you and a tighter spring.

No like I’ve hit the corners right on but my character won’t always jump on one side. Other side is fine but you really have to shove it and it only works sometime

Open it up and take pictures of the actuator, since that’s most likely not Sanwa, I’ll bet that either it or the switches are worn.