FL doctor's sign: IF you voted for Obama go elsewhere


fail doctor is fail.

huffington post headline is actually fail

he’s not refusing to treat them, he said if they come in he will treat them so he’s not refusing help to anyone.

are every politicians 5 years old or what?

doctor is clearly dumb, i don’t know why i constantly expect politicians to be anything but

he didn’t refuse to treat obama supporters, he’s just using his place of business as a political pulpit of sorts.

Fail OP is fail.

Yeah, he’s not actually refusing people, but he’s clearly a freak.

um… i clearly said in my topic that he had a sign telling obama supporters to go away, NOT that he would refuse to treat them…

Since when did a doctor not liking Obama become thread-worthy?

My local UPS driver doesn’t like Obama. Want me to start a thread on that?

Putting up a sign like that is refusal to treat people, whether he goes back later and says “Oh gawsh, I’ll still treat em heh heh heh” or not.

He’s not turning anyone away, he’s just being a dick.

Kind of ironic when you consider his line of work.

i thought it was thread worthy that a doctor would allow his political believes to negatively impact his business by discouraging potential clients. and i don’t really care if your local ups driver or whoever doesn’t like obama most people wont allow that to have any impact on their professional life. i just found it very telling of how much conservatives hate the man and everything that he wants to do in office, whether what he wants to do has roots with conservatism or not (the HCR bill originates back to the republican plan offered in '94)

A small business owner publicly flaunting his political beliefs is…

  1. Not new.
  2. Not exclusive to modern times with conservatives, doctors, financiers, economists, nurses, pharmacists vs. Obama.
  3. Not actually bad in any way.
  4. Not thread-worthy.

not going to argue points 1-3. we will just have to agree to disagree on point 4, go our seperate ways and you can find someone else’s cereal to take a piss in today ^^. especially with all the other random threads in GENERAL discussion, as in discussion on general topics, i found this interesting so i posted it, the end.

And it’ll happen a lot more often in the coming years as small business owners are destroyed by O’s plans.

lol people still respond to spudley

Yeah, the Obama tax increases are hitting small businesses the hardest. My Parents and my Uncle are both independent business owners, and the changes in the tax law to small business have been pretty rough so far. I can see the weaker businesses or those not well run going under in the next couple of years.

On topic: Even though what this Doctor is doing may be in poor taste, if he has a private practice then he can have whatever sign he wants in his place of business. If his patients don’t like it, they are free to find another Doctor.

their taxes have gone up? how large is their small business? i’m curious about this because i havn’t heard anything from the owners of the small business that i work at about higher taxes, and they would generally mention something like that.

but to be fair to obama, we have to do something about the incredible spending government does. we’re so in the red - we have to either raise taxes, decrease spending on a massive scale, or cause hyperinflation.

I do know that they have had pretty significant increases in taxes since Obama took office. In fact, they hired an accounting to help ease the tax burden. My parents are cheap as hell, so whatever they are paying, it has to be pretty high or they wouldn’t be going to such lengths.

The government is the problem, or at least the cause of it, but they try to shift the blame to the businesses, and make villains of the rich…then fuck EVERYONE. Down that road (with out-of control government along the way) lies communism. We’re already seeing government grabbing as much as it can, industry-wise. Their next acquisition will be the insurance industry, when all insurance companies refuse to do business at a loss due to being forced to cover pre-existing conditions without being allowed to raise rates.