FL doctor's sign: IF you voted for Obama go elsewhere


except taxes have gone down under obama


god forbid a texan know anything other than how to fuck a cow


hmmm, if possible could you ask them which parts of their taxes went up? i’m curious to see where the increase is coming from.

while it is true he has been lowering taxes, i thought there was also some room for taxes to go up here and there (perhaps a state tax went up or they were allready on their way up from policies having nothing to do with obama). i appreciate your enthusiasm and the fact that your bringing facts up, but maybe just ease up with the immediate jump to hostility. gotta open up real dialogue again in the country for things to get better.


i earned almost the same amount in 09 as 08 and i paid 2.4% more taxes for my business and self

that doesn’t include the raise in property tax to offset all the reckless spending in my state


I’d be bitter too if I graduated with a communications degree and never found a husband. I regret to inform you that I am not as stupid as you think, I have a college degree too! My requirements included Calculus, Genetics, and Biochemistry to graduate, while you skated by without taking a single fucking math class. I personally have grown tired of your name calling, your stereotyping of all people of faith, and your blind hatred of anything that relates to the South. You are no different than the racists you criticize day in and day out, since you are bigoted against a people because of where they were raised or what they believe. I’m glad your humanities degree has allowed you to remain open to differing viewpoints and cultures.

Taxes are complicated, just because most people have tax cuts, does not mean it happens for everyone. My parents have always filed their own taxes, which is why they are consulting with an accounting firm about changing their practices. Sure it looks great on paper to claim that you have all of these benefits for small business, but often times they are so complicated that many of them lack the resources to take advantage of those benefits.