Flacid Fetish, need help


Hello guys I need advice. I met a girl off of craigs list and we are pretty compatible. The thing is she has a flacid penis fetish, where she can only derive sexual pleasure if my penis is flacid. So I was hoping to get tips from you guys how to stay flacid during penetration all the way to completion, please no trolls.


Do what Ron Jeremy always did. Think about having sex with a dog.


Lol :yawn:


Problem is, Honzo likes dogs.


So think about having sex with a woman? That might work.


oh honzo


Ask Dacidbro for help


Quality thread filled with quality post. But for realz if I was a mod I’d infract half of these post just to set an example of what not to do on this forum.

Oh well.


ask for advice?


Should have posted it in the relationship thread if you want to be a stickler about it. Isn’t too far off the other random junk people post there.


I didn’t know this could happen.


Think about japan’s dick.


oh i didnt know ill post it in there


What in the stupid…


What in the stupid…


Cold shower sex.

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i guess softcock’s coming back in a big way

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Oh that’s simple: take a string or thin wire,wrap it tightly around the base of your penis a couple of times and then tie a knot. Cutting off the blood flow will prevent you from getting an erection.
While it’s an easy, safe and cheap solution to your problem, you may want to try keeping it like that for a day or two to get used to it.


Have her do really nasty shit like poop on your chest while riding you, she’ll cum instantly.


Enlarge and print out any of the following pictures and tape them to the back of her head while you fuck her doggy style.




You’re welcome.