Flaming Stance



I haven’t seen a lot of talk about this, and I think it’ll be one of Hwoarang’s key pressure tools. All of this information comes from the Brady guide.

Flamingo Stance: KKK 1 frame of start up. You can enter in safely any time you’re at plus frames (Dynamite Heel, st. LP or LK, for example). LP in Flamenco is 3 frames, which means you can Link with FLA LP any time you are at +4, after Tsunami Kick or cr. MP for example. LK is 4 frames and MP is 6 and MK is 7, both of which can be linked into off of standing LP (+8 on hit).

According to the guide he has 5 transitions into Flamingo, I do not know how this affects moves recorvery frames, it may give more +on hit if it’s a cancel, or add a Frame of recovery for the transition, some testing is required here:

So how have people been using Flamingo? I don’t find it that useful midscreen, as it limits your mobolity too much, but if you have you opponent cornered, I think it’s good to switch into sometimes to apply faster pressure (most of the moves in Flamingo are faster then their standing counter parts). Also, you can instantly cancel Flaming by pressing down, so you are not locked out of your crouching moves or blocking lows. Flaming can really mix up your pressure strings, has a built in mid range launcher (MP~MP), a low high string that is relatively safe (LK-MK is -3 on block, but is SM cancelable, which means you can block confirm dynamite heel), and also HK acts like 3S Chun-Lis forward HK, it will jump over lows.


I think Flamingco stance will be his footsie stance but like stated his mobility is neutered, so one will have to really stand their ground. A lot of his buttons are safe on block in the stance so it seems really good but maybe a bit under utilized at this point.


I was just messing with him a moment ago.
Found in the corner: j.HP, (land) FLA Stance, MP>MP+f, MK>LK, c.MK xx H.HH
I think it did around 430

Out of corner: j.HP,(land) FLA Stance, MP>MP+f, HK xx special Dash > H.SR
Not as good (Tries really hard to remember) 380??? damage?

Ill fix my numbers when I have time and if I remember.


That second combo is in in the trials, but what version of special step should I be using to get the Sky Rocket to connect?


I know fierce works, at least. The other ones might, but I wanted to be safe about the distance.


I think I remember using light and having the Sky Rocket whiff. Maybe I just canceled it too early because I think that any version should work.