'Flappy Bird' Creator earns 50k a day, decides to take down app due to internet poopie heads



I don’t hate mobile gaming but I’ve never been able to get into handhelds. But as budding app/game developer I’ve been dreaming for a long time creating something that doesn’t need you to invest 10’s of thousands to millions, to hundreds of millions to develop a successful app/game. But some people see the development of such simple games or redeveloping old game as lazy, uncreative, and undeserving of the millions earned. Personally I think it’s genius, love it or hate it you create what the market demands that’s what business is all about, if you are in it for the love and craft of the art then I totally understand why people are angry. But I highly doubt all the haters are in this camp, it makes no sense hating on the creator it’s not his fault people love it! This looks like a lot of jealous people to me, who wouldn’t behave this way if they were making 50k off a “poorly developed” game.

There is a lot of speculation as to why he is pulling it down, I hope it isn’t a marketing stunt, for me that’s crossing the line.

In before he should man the fuck up! If you’ve managed to stay on SRK for more than a couple of years you’ve likely developed or already had a thick skin. I’ve had people threaten me over youtube videos I posted, and I’ll admit the first time it happens it’s scary. Now that’s me on my crappy youtube channel which has only 179 subs and just shy of 350k views, so just having to deal with a hand full of people I got over it quickly. But this guy (although having a few popular apps) was not prepared to become the center of attention of the entire online world, I can’t even imagine what that’s like, this isn’t a small development team, he is just one guy.


I knew that video was going to get violent the instant I saw a black hand.

This game is basically Cheep-Cheep meets The Minus World, sprinkled with some sweet savory 8-bit ‘easy to play hard to master’ difficulty, so it’s only natural people of this generation used to checkpoints and “those other birds” are getting that beautiful discipline up their collective anally leaking asses without mercy.

Won’t homeboy still get paid off of ad rev by pulling this anyway? Fucking hustler. Imma bout to make my own shitty looking game involving birds and publish dat shit. Magoo said this shit eons ago: THE BIRD BIRD BIRD THE BIRD IS DA WORD


That video :rofl:

But yeah, he may very well just change his mind. If this isn’t a publicity stunt, he still might just smell 50K a day and start not giving a fuck what people think. If I was making 50K a day, God would burst a vein trying to force me to give a fuck what a hater says.

Hell, I’d have a list of pre-made messages I’d send out at random:
“I get 50,000 a day. I have threesomes just to save time. Sorry that girl from the club didn’t call you yet, though.”
“I get 50,000 a day. Jon Bones Jones choked out the Mink I’m wearing. Sorry you’re rocking that old school FILA jacket, though.”
“I get 50,000 a day. I picked the elephant who gave his life for my ivory doorknobs. Sorry you have to jiggle the handle on your studio apartment, though.”
“I get 50,000 a day. I bought a new car just because the old one got dusty. Sorry yours broke down, though.”
“I get 50,000 a day. My kid can finally get his braces. Too bad yours will end up looking like Predator, though.”
“I get 50,000 a day. That’s enough to treat my mom’s cancer. If she had it. Sorry about yours, though.”

And many more. I’d send those out at random to all my haters. I know it’ll hit one of them and pop their bitchmade heart like a balloon. That’d be how little I give a fuck.


This was as far as I read into your comment. The laughter from this alone kept me from going further for fear it might not have been as funny, please forgive me.

On topic, I saw a poll asking if anyone had played this game and the majority response was “What the hell is Flappy Bird?”

I see now it is an evil thing.


damn, i need to copy and paste my shitty game and make that doe.


Mobile gaming is like any other platform: some great games, but mostly trash like Flappy Bird, which has less depth than the one shmup minigame from Super Mario RPG.


New high score- 5!


This game a complete rip off, it copy a older game where they had cactus instead of pipes.
Also those pipes look alot like the Pipes from Super Mario bros.


Those are the pipes and apparently the sound effects are too.

Crush the Castle creators don’t believe Angry Birds stole from them


I like flappy bird it was a real old school game with a nice retro feel


Wtf is flappy birds? Sounds like slang for an old woman’s vulva.


Dude makes $50000 a day… Gets butt hurt over some internet comments. Makes perfect sense.


A dark creation made by the evil that is corruption. People play, then they decide that they are destined to lose and anger takes hold of their vision, their hands and their judgement. The next day, they set on a journey to replace the technology that is now a broken mess…

Then the bloody creator decides to get cold feet because of the rage he makes intended. His best choice was to Twitter out of this.


Nintendo must’ve made a deal with him behind the scenes. They probably told him to make up an excuse to take down the game for good and they’ll respond by not suing his ass.


I’m still on iOS5 so I couldn’t download the game. :frowning:

I think it’s interesting that a game like this got so many downloads despite the obvious lack of quality. Just goes to show that most people don’t care as much about quality as they do convenience and price.

But with that said, the game must be fun on some level and I think that’s one thing a lot of major devs have lost sight of. You can put in all the shiny graphics, complex systems, and live orchestral soundtracks, but if the game isn’t fun, what’s the point?


The funny thing is my friend showed me this game for the first time a few days ago complaining about how hard it was and he cant get past 3. Few days later and I cant get below 21. My highest must be around 30 something. Its all about rythym.


My high school is 101 after 2 days of playing. GET ON MY FUCKING LEVEL SCRUBS.


Pretty unfortunate that he took the game down.

I hear the problem wasn’t just abuse, though. Apparently he didn’t want attention from the press.



Your Engrish is definitely on point right there…