Flash ActionScript


It is my goal to one day become a game designer (as well as a scriptwriter and a world conqueror, amongst other things, but I digress), and I wouldn’t mind taking a stab at making a free Flash game for Kongregate.

My programming experience is mainly JavaScript and VBScript, with some SQL and Perl thrown in the mix. Are there any “ActionScript tutorials for Java/VBScript users” available on the net? I’ve found some general ActionScript stuff and I plan to use it, but I thought asking here wouldn’t hurt.


visit http://www.kirupa.com… Actionscript is object oriented like php, C#(sharp) … etc so if you know an object oriented programming language it may be easy for you to pick up.


i’m trying to get into Flash for making websites. I have barely zero experience. Some help would be great…


Anyone have any idea how to build a website like this: http://www.potbelly.com/Home/Default.aspx

I’m assuming that a lot of flash was involved. Man, I wish I could do that!!!



Actionscript is most similar to C++ (and Java, by extension). If you don’t know these languages at least on some kind of level (if you can’t make a “diamond” in these languages), read a book on them, learn their syntax, and then go tackle Actionscript.

If you want to go for game design, don’t be a stickler for Actionscript, though, especially if you’re shooting for standalone applications. For windows executables, you’ll most likely want to work with C++ (because “compiling” shits out .exe’s).

Actionscript is mostly an extension for Flash, introducing the flexibility of fully procedural, object-oriented scripting to Flash. Nothing more, nothing less. If you don’t have a foundation on using Macromedia Flash, don’t go for Actionscript unless you’re working with someone who knows Flash (and its animation system, of course).

That said, DirectDraw/D3D/OpenGL extensions for C++ are a good way to bring a graphical interface to your programs.

…of course, for maximum efficiency and maximum laziness, you could always make your application in Fighting Game Maker or Multimedia Fusion. Maximum scripting, sprite building, minimum coding.

If you make an entire website where all you do is center orientate a flash applet, you are an asshole of the highest caliber, and you and your quasi-Web 2.0 friends can die in a fire.


I tried to make a free game for Kongregate and Newgrounds etc.

I wanted to gouge my eyes out with a rusty nail.

Like stated, if you can’t draw or know how to use Flash, don’t do Actionscript.


Much obliged for all the good info! :tup:


I just want to make a website similar to potbelly.com and jimmyjohns.com

I can use dreamweaver, but I would like a little bit of flash animation in there… Damn, web design is the wave of the future/past/and present. I need to learn…


I know how to use flash as an animation and art program, I have a few years of experience with it. Never really got into actionscript much though.

There’s literally thousands of tutorials online, but if you want to get involved in the flash scene, I’d head over to newgrounds.com and post on their forums.