Flash Chop Follow Ups

Are there any follow ups for the Jab.Flash Chop? Here is what I have so far for the Flash Chops:

Jab.Flash Chop: (Need input on this.)

Strong.Flash Chop: Back+Fierce

Fierce.Flash Chop: Back+Fierce, Power Bomb, s.Forward, j.Fierce, SAI, SAII, and SAIII.

And another question: is there anyway to combo the Strong.Flash Chop?

There really isnt much you can connect after a jab flashchop. In mopes link encyclopedia it shows alex doin his jump in fierce, standing forward, jab flash, standing strong, ex rush cancelled into his raid. Tried this for like an hour and couldnt connect the strong after the jab flash but you might have better luck. The most effective for me for a non comboed jab flash chop is to follow it with a jab powebomb. Doesnt combo but works great.

well, as mentioned in the other thread it might be strong flashchop bcos the stunned opponent allows for that …shrugs… need to test it out.

as for follow-ups after jab flashchops, there’s plenty right? we’re talking about follow-ups, not combos that is?

  1. ex flashchop if they flinch
  2. jab powerbomb as mentioned above (great for small characters when a jab flashchop will whiff)
  3. c.HK to sweep
  4. dash in, dash out, dash in, HP powerbomb
  5. kara throw

Dash in, dash out, dash in. Heh, I like it. So is it possible to combo the strong Flash Chop? What is the best normal to use for Alex’s kara throws?


if strong flashchop can be comboed into, i can see a bullshit infinite that’s easier to do than counting 1, 2, 3.

s.MK -> strong flashchop, s.MK -> strong flashchop xx repeat till dead

technically possible because the strong ‘stuns’ them long enough for another set. and flashchops move u forward so s.MK is still in range.

nope, nadda, no. strong flashchop can’t be combo into.

as for kara throws, ummm. need to be creative. i use it sparingly because i would rather powerbomb their ass :smiley:

  1. after a blocked/connected jab flashchop. walk up a bit, perfect distance for one.
  2. dash into kara throw covers enormous ground. i do it after a successful anti-air towards+fierce, after a blocked/connected c.LK, c.MK chain.
  3. as with any kara throw, doing it after forcing them to be in block stun is ideal. i use c.LK or s.MK, not sure whether other normals are more suited :bluu:

I thought for sure you could power bomb and hyper bomb from a strong flash chop. I only did it in training, so can people get out of it somehow?

dun think they can unless u timed it wrong. or u tried doing the fierce version of the powerbomb. that move has some startup time which may not connect from a strong flashchop.

You can for sure combo a jab or a strong power bomb and the hyper bomb after the strong flash chop. Just have to be a bit faster with your movements than for the fierce.

Fierce Flash Chop, Jabx2
Fierce Flash Chop, Jab Flash Chop
Fierce Flash Chop, Head Butt
Fierce Flash Chop, Head Butt motion with fierce for that arm crush hold, I donno the name of that damn move
Fierce Flash Chop, SA 1
Strong Flash Chop, Strong Power Dive
Fierce Flash Chop, Fierce Power Dive

hahahaha no shit!

Could you clarify those moves, please?

As far as I know Alex’s Headbutt is a blockable back+fierce which isn’t really recommend doing after Flash Chop, since Choke Hold is back+fierce against back-turned opponents which they cannot do anything about it after being Flash Chopped. What’s Strong Power Dive? Fierce? He only has that kind of move with air down+fierce.

I think he meant power bomb. :stuck_out_tongue:
Also there is 1 way that I know of to combo into a strong flash chop. Standing forward, strong flash chop will combo on a crouching, stunned urien.

It works on Hugo as well.

if they block the jab flash chop, u can try a jab power bomb since the flash chop acts as the tick for the tick throw.

Actually this works well if it hits, too, though I think if you combo into flashchop they have to be in the corner for powerbomb to connect afterward.

The reason it’s good is that I think you’re at a slight advantage after a conncted jab flash (why doesn’t Karathrow have this data for specials btw? does the book not have it or what?). Anyway, with this advantage you can go for powerbomb, or f+fierce if they jump (or EX knee if you’re feeling like daigo =P).


yeah i forgot to say if it hits it works as well, but u got the idea.