Flash: Ending at #13, Waid picking it up with old numbering


the ONLY way this can turn out good is:

1: Wally or Bart is the Flash
2: If either is the case, cool, but if Bart is not the Flash then
3: Bart doesn’t die. and
4: He gets de-aged back to Kid Flash and
5: He stays on New-Earth.

any other options are completely unacceptable.

Man, I liked Tony Daniel as penciler. Can’t wait for Flash #13!

Man, the recent Flash stuff was actually picking up, too. Waid’s Flash is OK. Nothing too spectacular, unless he’s stepped up his writing for this run. I actually want it to be Wally. I mean, the fucking Tornado Twins are finally born and we didn’t even get to see anything happen concerning that.

But, if he’s referring to the JLA/JSA Lightning Saga, then shit, it might be Jay Garrick returning into the fore front of the book. Who knows? I’m not entirely hyped for this. I haven’t been hyped for a Flash book since Geoff Johns was writing it.

Full cover to #13


Meh, don’t accept it at face value.

there was an ish of Impulse that featured his grave, and people thought he was gonna die there too…

but its obvious he didn’t.

and even if he DOES die, it’s not like it’s gonna be permanent.

I liked this one story from Waid’s first run on Flash-- “The Return of Barry Allen” is a classic. Who knows, maybe this could be good, too.

Funny … when they announced this at Wizard World Philly on Friday … no one in the audience cared. It was dead quiet. There was more reaction to there being a Monitor nicknamed BOB (after Bob Wayne, VP of Sales) than this.

Preview of Flash #13. Three pages. That first page is beautiful, in art and dialogue. I really don’t want this team to get off of Flash… :frowning: Tony Daniel needs a good book.

so full of bait.

10 bucks says they send him back to the future where the tech is more advanced and de-age him…that the time in the speedforce wasnt good for him or sumtin.

huge flash 13 spoilers



For a guy who prefers waiting for the TPB, you sure do enjoy spoilers.

luckily i dont read flash

…except johns run which I am slowly picking up in tpb form (which strangley they will be releasing the tpb of his first arc LAST)

Nice to See wally back, Bart did make me feel like he was the flash to much denial in the beginning.

all is welll in the world of flash and i can return to it.

now we can continue with the story of the flash kids of wally.

Learn how to use a fucking spoiler tag, moron.

Along with the final (first) volume of Johns’ Flash, I hope DC makes new printings of Crossfire and Blood Will Run. I can’t find those anywhere. They sell on eBay for so much.

yep, and are rarely seen up there

i hope they bring in more speedforce assist stuff. waid created the speedforce…he is my flash god.