Flash Kick FADC to Ultra 2 help

Hey all

I am having a hell of a time figuring out FK FADC to U2. I have worked the combo all the way to inputting the sonic hurricane but it won’t come out. I’m not sure if I am losing my charge during the FADC or not. I decided to try to FADC into sonic boom and I can’t get that. Do you think I am inputting the dash too slowly and losing my charge. Any thought?

Thanks for any help.

first of all you can’t FADC into sonic boom.

a good way to get the timing down for how much time you have to do the U2 is to work on just standing there and doing:
Hold Back or Down Back
Dash Forward
B, F + PPP

if you can get U2 out then you have the timing (almost down).

then you just incorporate the flash kick
charge Down Back
Flash Kick (Up Back + Kick)
KEEP HOLDING BACK ( i usually just slide the stick down to Down Back or Back)
FA (you will have to hold this for a few frames to actually prevent guile from dashing under and past the falling opponent - combo dependent)
Dash Forward
B, F + PPP


that was the best way someone has ever explained how to do this. i still cant do this for the love of god lol

thanks! i don’t think i’ve ever done it outside of a punish off a missed ultra or dp or just bad jump in. if someone is doing a blockstring and i try to interrupt it i almost always end up doing the fk and just dashing with no U2.

i probably could never do it in a tournament unless it was against a total scrub.

Chances are you’re probably doing the inputs too fast for the U2 itself. Don’t try to rush the U2 input. Take your time. Start slowly and let your muscle memory kick in.

no doubt i’m rushing it… i can do it in casual play…

its just when the game is on the line… those nerves get to you.

just need more experience.

Then that means your muscle memory isn’t kicking in.

Thanks for the input guys, I have been working on it off and on. I play on a hitbox so my controls are a little different but I found some short cuts and I learned that I was losing my charge by not inputting the SH soon enough after the FADC. I have been doing to backdash because it is easier on the hitbox and I started plinking the dash out of the FADC into the F B F+PPP for the SH. I’ve gotten it down where I get a few times.

I never knew dash can be plinked in this game. How do you do it?

Think it’s different completely on a hitbox seeing that there’s no dpad or stick. All buttons.

I can’t get the ultra to come out of the dash what am I doing wrong any tips?

How long have you been playing the game now?

I don’t get what that has to do with anything but I have been playing for a while but I just got a stick recently.

I find the back dash version so much easier to do. I just fadc fk and just do sonic hurricane motion. If the hurricane motion is done fast enough you don’t have to worry about the having to tap back to get the dash. You will get the dash when you go back for the first time in the hurricane motion.
Maintaining charge is my issue sometime.

So for the backdash version do you just FADC :b::b: Ultra

When you’re focusing, the back charge counts for half of the backdash input so when you go forward-back-forward you automatically get a dash as part of it. Which would be:

Back (Charge) > Focus > Forward > Back > Forward > PPP.

For some reason I thought it required going to Neutral though… and I remember the Neutral part being very important… am I crazy? Like:

Back (Charge) > Focus > Neutral > Back > Forward > Back > Forward > PPP

The backdash version is just tight for timing because Guile’s backdash is so slow that the charge wears off almost immediately after he finishes dashing… I find forward dash version easier though I’m still pretty bad at it…

no idea how you do, I’m a noob at Guile btw, but I can do the forward dash version (atm ultra whiff cause Im’ a bit late) but the back dash version… what’s the required inputs ? I think I did it when I first started to train this Ultra thing 3 days ago but after 2 days learnign the forward dash, I can’t find the backdash one.
Gotta go back in training and try the no dash, just utlra clean motion tips.


Are your inputs different to this videos?

Maybe the key point : if the Ultra is inputed “before” the dash end, I’m screwed ? need to kill some frames to input the PPP after the dash recovery maybe ? (for the FADC backdash one).

It’s bad that Guile has somewhat become my secondary for 2-3 months, and I still can’t do this yet. Bison vs Guile annoys me so I decided to just play him myself.