Flash Kick FADC to Ultra 2 help

I pulled of the forward dash one a couple of times but it was pretty flukey and my inputs where hell messy. But the backdash one seems pretty impossible at the moment.

Semi related question: can you do dash -> U2 or U1 without a focus attack in this game? I can’t remember if it’s the focus attack that “saves” the charge or if any dash does the trick.

Yeah you can do it off a dash its just really hard for me.

Yup. Dash ultra is oh-so-useful on charge characters. The only problem with Guile’s U2 is the damage sucks.

Doh, I remember working (and failing) on Chun Li’s dash Ultra now too :s Thank you, and back to training for me!

I can get Flashkick -> FADC -> dash back -> U2 occasionally (no luck on the forward dash version though), but that’s not really good enough… Usually what happens is that nothing comes out after the dash, does it mean I’m going too fast and need to wait for the end of the dash, or that the charge gets dropped?

I’m thinking the key is to input the dash pretty quickly and cleanly (especially if it’s a forward dash), which is a bit of a problem for me… the U2 itself comes very quickly, and when I do get the whole thing to connect, the motion feels oddly natural and smooth. I’m not quite sure how to reproduce it yet, though!

I can’t stress how many times, I’ve done Flash Kick -> FADC -> Dash back -> Punch. :frowning:

the forward one is as simple as doing the FA + a forward dash + a sonic boom PPP. All you need to work on is the clean :b: after the dash.

Off the top of my head, when facing right:

Flashkick Focus Attack Forward Dash Cancel U2
*47+K *
4+MP+MK (hold it for a bit)

Numbers correspond to directions (look at your numpad).

Also, be smooth.

Forward Dash U1

I think you might skip the 3, not sure.

Need to be quick for this one.**

a easier one could be
:b: or :db: charge

:f: :f: dash

:db: clean :uf: KKK

easier than the 360 shortcut like move

Yeah, thing is, that method would put you at neutral 2 times. I personally don’t like going neutral, I think it makes me lose my charge quicker (the “360-esque” motion has all the directions that counts towards the ultra, thus maintaining the charge longer). I have no proof of this, just a gut feeling I guess.

So, basically, do whatever works best for you :).

yeah it’s up to our own feelings. For weird reasons I do super cancels more often with 360 motions than straight motions. I so wish I could do it with the straight it’s just faster but I fail every time to go back to :db: clean after a :mp: or a :mp: xx SB. I guess I’m still rushing down the inputs being a noob with this char.
I’ll wait my time.

I can do it now!!!

congratulations! now you can tack on that extra measly damage after a FK FADC! sigh.

Congratulations, you’ve completed Level 1. Now for Level 2…

Upside Down Kick > cr.mp xx HK Flashkick > FADC > U2


shouldn’t be that hard. you just gotta charge immediately after beginning UDK

I hope you don’t think I was being mean sarcastic. It’s not what I meant at all.

Kinda related. People are saying to practice with raw FA cancels.

I see people kinda focus “feint” mid screen and dash out all the time. How are they doing this? I thought something had to hit you/you hit them to FADC, but these people are just doing a FA sort of feint (black stuff comes out) and then they dash out.

Just try it in training dude. You can dash cancel a raw Focus Attack without a strike involved, and it doesn’t cost any metre.