Flash Kick

When exactly is the best time to use this move as anti-air? I don’t even use it anymore as it’s really erratic to me(been using his standing strong instead). According to the CVS2 Mook his Short version has the longest invincibility frames, yet it seems very iffy when it comes to anti-air… Talk about toning down from CVS…

I find that very unusual that the mook says his short kick version has the longest invincibility frames cause that’s the one that gets beat by jump-ins the most. Use the Roundhouse/Forward kick version. These don’t get beat very often. Best time to use them would be like normal…as late as possible.

Use his flask kick for cross ups, he has enough good AA’s anyways without it.

Roll Cancel it too, it helps a little. RC flash kick works good against pokes as well.

well the best time i’ve found to use the flash kick is when my opponent is at the peak of there jump or is close to the ground. i’ve seen that Rock, cammy, and kyo beats guiles flash kick easily so be aware when trying to flash kick against them. try to crossup your opponent with a well timed roll and then flash kick, that works a lot also

if you know when to throw a flash kick, c , p, and k are the only grooves that will problem you with air block, parries, and jd’s. i throw shorts for anti air, forwards on the ground, and roundhouses in combos.

Best time to use the flash kick? When they are on the ground.

RC flash kick owns a large amount of air attacks however.

I use the flash kick probably 90% of the time for anti-air and its very consistent. The only way i get snuffed or trade hits is when i play against a character with a jump-in kick that strikes at an angle (Blanka’s HK, Vega, Sagat, etc). Characters with this specific type of jump in attack give me the most problems. At that point I opt to use his standing mk when the opponent is VERY CLOSE. If you get to impacient and kick too early Guile will to his little hop kick instead of the standing kick. if u dont know it kinda resembles Kens hcf + lk. and if that doesnt work then just throw out a jab. it doesnt do shit for damage but at least its you hitting him and not him hitting you right?

the best thing is cancel you’re crouching roundhouse into it.

by this i mean do your crouching roundhouse and often after your opponent blocks the first hit they’ll jump over you… cancel it into a flashkick.

how do u do the flash super and the one where he punches u a couple of times??? I play guile today for the first time, and i didn’t know his super but the super sonic…

Flash kick super - charge db, df, db, up+kick
Punch super - charge b, f, b, f+p

the flash kick super sucks as anti air. it does like -100 damage.

this is just my thought

never flash kick against a good k groove player
u’re best bet is air throw against a jump in from a k groove

possibly p groove too…i’m not sure how effective against p groove, but i’m guessing it’s the same as playing a k groove player

if your fighting someone who is not a big grabber just keep roll cancel under them into flash kick until they catch on.

st. mp that shit

The Sonic Hurricane (the super you know) is: Charge B,F,B,F+P
Total Wipeout (The “rush” super where he punhes you a couple of times) :Charge B,F,B,F+K
The Other Super (Bunch of Flash Kicks) is: Charge DB, DF, DB, UF + K