FLASH: life or death, things you need to know

say you are chun vs chun, you have NO LIFE. chun tries to scrub you out… simply parry first set of thunder thighs, and do… d/f hk, cr. mk, sa2…

it’s pretty flashy b/c d/f hk is never smart to use unless you do it while your opponent is either stunned or ko’d.

only other one i’ve noticed is that you jump out of ken’s sa3 on the 3rd hit.

i’ve done this in the past… i can’t get it to work anymore maybe b/c dc version is bunk… idk. but Hugo tries to Gygas Breaker Urien, if timed right Urien can normal throw Hugo before Hugo knabs him. has neone else ever seen this or can i just mark this off as something i did out of predicting… b/c if the timing is before the light up of the super art than it’s considered as scrubby to me. relying on one command and no option out is bad… i’m trying to get it down and learn… any help would be greatly appreciated. and please by all means leave some flash life or death shiit too. peace.

Egg on Pizza is highly illogical

Ingles por favor?

one time it happened while I was playing alex against hugo. He did a Gigas Breaker the same time I grabbed so I was thinking “oh shit I lose” and looked away, but then I heard people behind go “wtf!” so I turned back to the screen and hugo was on the floor :P.