Flash Metroid alright out of evo, Wolfkrone best Viper?


OMG Sanford FTW!

wolfkrones viper is less flashy and it gets the job done but dammmmmmmm sanfords execution viper mix up was unreal.

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Even though Wolfkrone is a chill friend of mine on PSN…I felt like he played too auto-pilotish against Juicebox. I even remember after his match, I think it was James Chen who said he played too straight forward.

Juicebox was Ex-Rolling out of basically every potential Seismo into BK mixup. I would think at one point he would cancel one of his seismos to meet a ex rolling Juicebox.

Also, I’m still super pissed seeing Sanford being eliminated like that. Rufus was enough trouble as it is, but having to go through that dumb malfunction is just frustrating.

I still have no clue who eliminated Flash Metroid.

I’d like to know sanfords method of just chaining all those TK and seismo feints sometimes seemingly 3-4 long. What do you guys do? I work too much to be good at this game so I dont get too into it but id really like to know. I train myself to not use macro buttons because I visit the arcade every now and then and dont want that to become a reflex. I can throw the feints to mix my game up but never chain them like that, feels like im just mashing buttons and end up throwing accidental EX seismos or accidental fierce tk.

Seeing Sanford play was insane and that pause was unfortunate

I heard Juicebox eliminated Flash Metroid.

Not surprising if true as he eliminated Wolfkrone later.

Lol, I think Juicebox was on a mission to eliminate all C. Vipers in this tourney he came across then. Because from what I recall, I think at Super NCR, he got eliminated in the first round by Emphy/Mr. Naps a primarily Tekken player who was happening to play C. Viper.

Then Marn beat him at Devastation. I like Juicebox and his enthusiasm though. Not afraid to show it.

yeah it was epic at devastation. i would be on a mission to destroy all c.vipers too lol. i already am.

well wolfkrone lost to juicebox too so that’s it no more Vipers QQ

Wait, I still can’t figure out what happened to Sanford.

Who did he lose to?

If I remember correctly he lost to infiltration, a Korean player. He had some stick malfunction, which caused him to forfeit a round or two.

Think it was RB’s Rufus who Sanford lost to, that was painful to watch. Really felt for Sanford there.

Ah, sorry. all I really remembered is that he lost to someone from outside the US. Unless I got that wrong too lol. Really sucked for him that it happened twice.

No need to apologize haha. And yeah, RB was outside of the US, he was from Taiwan. Really sad stuff regardless.

And out of all respect to Wolfkrone, he is not better than Flash or Sanford imo.

yea im PRETTY SURE flash would have done a better job then wolfkrone seen his matches he didnt look like he wanted to play, hell he never does lol

Yeah a good Abel can be a real stupid matchup for C.Viper. You guess wrong twice and u usually end up close to dead or dead. You can do the same thing to him but your low health means u can make even less mistakes. Abel really does take advantage of Viper’s shitty block string pressure. Seismo to burn kick pressure only really works once in a blue moon against good players. Good players will react to the fire with focus dashes since it’s obviously not a true block string.

wow lol at this thread one tournament doesn’t mean really say much

by that logic Ricky Ortiz is best Rufus then Floe and then Justin…

No, Wolkrone is by far not the best Viper player in North America.

Flash is the most consistent Viper player in North America and you can really tell if you watched his matches during Evo. I watched him play in the pools and he had to play against a lot (if not all) of Viper’s bad match ups and he just played those matches incredibly smart. It was just disappointing seeing him lose in Evo like that because I really wanted to see him out of the pools.

They both play a different game really. Wolfkrone plays it safe, metroid plays all out never stop to block just keep going for stun. Personally I like wolfkrone better as a person and respect anyone that can be successful with such a difficult character. And to the person that said metroid didn’t feel like playing I doubt that was the case, although I will say that being in a pool this year at evo was very stressful, 2 hours in between matches and you had to stand in a tightly packed group of people waiting for someone to call your match with a really soft voices. If evo keeps growing they need to start thinking about utilizing technology because the current throw hundreds of names on a big piece of paper method is really frustrating.