Flash Mob Turns Into Flash Robbery at Walmart (now with more ghetto!)


LOL Even broke the anti shop lifting scanner too




This is what happens when stupid people discover the internet.


Stupid people have know of the internet for a long time.





That word.

You must not speak it

Or else…



Nah, its cool. I’m 0.0003% African American. So according to the rules of black ethics, that automatically gives me a free pass to say the word as much as I want without the probable fear of any repercussions that may or may not possibly come along with it.


Why is that reporter throwing those bagels?!
That’s breakfast bitch! :tdown:

Stupid kids doing stupid shit.
They must not have parents or have REALLY shitty ones.


You just reminded me that I’m just slightly too drunk to drive out to Meijer and get some tortilla chips and salsa.

You fucking prick.


I have salsa and no tortilla chips, so we’re almost in the same boat.

I feel so lonely staring at this unopened jar of salsa that I recently discovered in my fridge and did not know was even there.


I didn’t see one white, asian, indian, or mexican person in the Walmart footage. Not surprised.

-Tha Hindu


Just drink it, dude.


Felt bad for the news anchor guy:

“Plz dont be blacks.”
“Plz dont be blacks.”

“Aaaaaah fuck!”


I’m not surprised at having so much footage of the mob dancing around watermelons.

White people.


lol all them niggas only managed to walk out with 1500 dollars worth of stuff?

Was these niggas stealing groceries gotdamn…


Carlton Banks would be rolling in his ascot and ralph lauren’s right now if he were dead. But I’m sure he’s just shaking his head and saying “Niggas” like the rest of us…

This is why we can’t have nice things, like white gfs, and high credit scores.


I have NEVER seen so many young black people in a Walmart…even in Quincy, Florida, and that’s nearly solid black. Seeing that massive gathering of hood teens, NObody’s “Wtf, something’s about to happen”-sense went off? Amazing. Store management could’ve acted to prevent this. Called the cops or SOMETHING, instead of apparently hiding and doing nothing.


Hiding and doing nothing is what they are supposed to do. WalMart will fire you for doing anything.


Society’s fucked up. Kids shouldn’t have this kind of power over the public. Although…I can’t remember the last time I saw ANY form of Store Security at Walmart, now that I think about it…hunh. That’s odd.


I am! I don’t know where you shop, but in Walmarts in Florida, there is usually a blend of people. 50% white, 50% everybody else.


They are literally dancing around watermelons.

Even the shitty boondocks cartoon can’t get more hamfisted than that.