Flashback HD Remake coming soon!



I only played this game on a SEGA CD Emulator, but I’m so damned excited for this remake. I just hope they won’t dumb it down by making it easier.

Are you excited?

Yeah it looks decent. Hopefully it’s the same game. I don’t really care but it’s nice that younger folks get a chance to play this classic.

Eh i appreciated the effort & programming that went into this game back in the day, but i never cared about it. Rented it for my Genesis and tried it out a bit, then lost interest and went back to playing Streets of Rage II and Sonic.

I admit i probably gave up too soon and didn’t give it much of a chance, but the game just looked and played so damn awkward, had no idea where to go, dull gameplay, etc.

I’m actually pretty excited for this, I loved Flashback back in the day, will be cool to play it again with a much nicer look, an HD an all the bells an whistles an shit.

I played it on Sega channel and as an objective based platformer with a Prince of Persia style level design it was fucking hard for my 4 year old ass. It was one of the first games that required me to think and have to backtrack in order to progress. It was a great game, but I’m very happy to see the PoP style movement was removed in favor of traditional running, that would have definitely been a mistake.

Anyways this looks like Shadow Complex with a more vibrant color scheme rather than Flashback HDR, but I’m happy considering SC is one of the top metroidvanias.