Flashiest character

Which character do you think is flashiest? And how about which one do you find the most entertaining to watch? :slight_smile:

C. Viper of course. Who else?

Dante from DMC3
oh you mean SF4 :rofl:

Akuma for me

Edmond Honda.

c viper forsure

The female characters don’t flash enough…

ba boom psssshhhhht! :lame:

fei long!!

My opinion is El Fuerte. I find him much harder to play than Viper.

I think rekka characters always end up pretty flashy, so I’ll go with Fei Long and Abel.

El Fuerte! and Claw’s Ultra is pretty cool looking.

El Fuerte.


I seriously love watching good El Fuertes, and love playing against them.


That Lariat spam always seems to hypnotize me…



Akuma for sure. All the resets into demon flip mixups have the “Oh shit!” factor.

C. Viper for sure! Her moves just look flashy: there’s fire and electricity. Plus she can cancel everything and her ultra looks pretty cool :smiley:

El Fuerte. I mean the guy is a freakin luchador, what more can you ask for?!

Dante from DMC3 is a badass. PERIOD.

Ha. C. Viper.

Don’t see how the answer isn’t Viper, El Fuerte, or Gen.