Flashing green signal on PSN


What does it mean? Good or bad?


First of all there is google
Second there is a tech forum
Third I wasn’t aware that the playstaion network service could flash anything
Fourth you need to provid more information


I think he means SF’s conexion quality indicator.

When it flashes in green means “unknown”.


Thanks for using the powers of reason instead of resorting to the typical, knee-jerk SRK elitist vomit.


He didn’t even specify a game or that it was from a game.

In Super SF4 it doesn’t flash green, it does that in vanilla.


it flashes between green and black when it’s searching or is unknown
and seriously, a question about a game being played on PSN asked on a Street Fighter Forum is totally ambiguous, right?


thanks for making your question as vague as possible. everyday you should thank your mom for not swallowing.


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No. It flashes green. I knew exactly what he was talking about from the thread title.
Yes, even in Super.

It indicates that it’s still analyzing the player’s PING level. Typically these players, if you select them before the flashing ends, will have a yellow or green connection status at the match-up screen.

Let’s just say I play more ranked matches than I care to admit.


It flashes no bars

It flashes 5 green bars in vanilla

I won’t budge on this until I’m proven wrong


out of 100 matches 98 of mine are ranked. Not because I think it means anything, but because I hate waiting in line and watching shit players beat on eachother. I’d rather it be me that shits all over these noobs.


go to your game. turn on the console. search for matches until your see blinking green bars. take a cum shot. goodnight.

but you know being ignorant is easier than being wrong, so you keep on playin playa.


So I went and looked and yes I was wrong.

Did they change this in the patch? Did it used to blink no bars when the game first came out?

I almost never play online and I haven’t really played online at all since that patch.


It’s always done that, but you got excuses for back up so it’s all good.