Flashkick fadc u2

can anyone give me a short description on how to do it. I don’t understand how u can keep the charge for u2 while fadc.

Gilley explained it a while back. I can’t remember exactly what he said, something to the effect that the Ultra motion has a window of 26 frames to be inputted. If you’re quick enough, you should be able to go from UB, to dash, and then complete the motion.

You don’t necessarily need execute the motion as displayed in the game either, you can just press:

charge :db: :r::r::db::ub:+:3k:

Executing this way saves a lot of time, because a lot of people tend to roll from :r: all the way to :ub:, which I personally think takes considerably more time.

You will get the hang of it with some practice. Turn on the input display in training and pay attention to your inputs. Make sure that you’re hitting the right directions, and most importantly, make sure that the :3k: is hitting on the :ub: or up. One of my biggest errors when doing this is that I tend to hit :3k: too early, and the input display will register me as doing :l::3k: when I finish the motion. It has to end either up, up-back, or up-forward.

any tips for the backdash version? I can do the forward dash just fine, but can’t get the ultra to come out after the backdash for some reason… What inputs are you guys using?

and wait… UP-FORWARD? are we talking about U2 here (Sonic Hurricane)?

ok , what are you trying to post here? the input makes no sense to me, are you sure is SONIC HURRACANE and not Flash explosion? I can see that imput working for flash explosion with 3 kicks, but sonic hurracane I doubt it, maybe this shortcut is something I dont know, but it makes no sense to me.

For some reason I was first able to back dash sonic hurracane and now I can only do forward dash SH. Back dash only works in the corner from what I have been playing with it.

Yeah, my fault, I meant to use :3k:

is there a shortcut motion for doing the Sonic Hurricane? or can anybody please post what input they are using for the FADC U2 ?

How I got it to work in training was DB UB FDAC tap the UB again(which I used as the back dash) F B F PPP

you can also U2 if a HK FK trades. But I only got it to work once in like 50 tries. I also main rog and I figures the input would be similar to head butt to ultra but it wasn’t.

:rofl: @ shortcut motion for Sonic Hurricane. Made my night…

Helps to browse around and check the other threads, ya know?


Glad to see I amuse you thanks for ther Link :slight_smile:

I think FK > FADC (back) > SH is better in general because it also works in the corner, but I can’t find a consistant way to do it.
Any idea?

My explanation might not be too constructive as it took me a while to land. I’ve played with some short cuts but nothing really worked.

I’ll just mention this. Cr.F when used as an AA to U2 is pretty strong. It doesn’t combo but usually it connects as the opponent isn’t holding back to block.

That’s risky if your opponent has an EX move that is projectile invuln or similar.