Flashkick in to sonic hurricane

im using playstaion regular pad no arcade stick. i was wondering if anybody know how to do it out here and could teach me. thank you

Hit them with a weak flash kick using the LK during their jump-in and continue to hold back while you’re in the flash kick motion.

Once Guile lands on his feet while still holding back, quickly press forward, back forward, PPP to release the Sonic Hurricane. If timed right, they’ll land right into it for good damage. A great combo with this is Double Flash into Sonic Hurricane, but you’re probably not ready to use that just yet. This is easy once you practice your timing. The Flash Explosion takes a bit more practice, but that’s also pretty solid.

I’m also on the standard pad, so yeah.

Btw, you should visit the Super Street Fighter 4 Guile section for more help:


thank u

OK, first of all there are 4 ways to do it, one was mentioned here if you lk.fk en enemy on their peak of their jump and follow up with the sonic hurrace on their landing. You need to FK ala balrog tho, from downback, to upback, then Sonic Hurracane. The second way is to hk.fk (ala balrog) someone on their way down to trade and then sonic hurracane. This can also be done not only on jump ins but also inbetween some enemy failed strings that have a trade as a result.
The other two are the more complex , they require a FADC, just like ryu does it. The is a backwards FADC and a forward FADC, in which the backwards hits the enemy every where on the stage while the forward fails to connect in the corners. If you want to understand how it is done, hit the ssf4 guile forums.

I think there is a trick to doing this. Do a search on Youtube.