Flava Flav Arrested For Speeding With 16 Suspensions on License


How the hell do you get 16 suspensions on your license?

Also, you’d think he’d learn to actually keep track of time and leave early. I mean, all he’s gotta do is look down.


No clock big enough to go around his neck could tell him it’s time to just stop driving.


Yeah, right now he’s in trouble big time.


I guess 911 wasn’t all that whack in his town.


You got

Time Stopper


At least they let him attend his mother’s funeral.


How about H-you-n-don’t speed, Ford-unately for him he wasn’t locked up.




Wow. This is TERRIBLE.


That nigga only 54?

Rotfl. He looks hella bad.


With a name like Flava Flav…

Is he at least salty about all of this?


ALL deez punz :rofl:


I bet he was stopped by time cop.


[quote=“d3v, post:65, topic:2006”]

He probably admitted guilt on all of them:

Officer: Did you know you were speeding excessively?


Yeah dude lives about 15 mins from me. I’ve seen him around here in Vegas. Bum ass motherfucker. lol Grimy as shit


Biggest news to take away from this story is that Flava Flav drives a Hyundai.


One lucky prisoner will have a shot at finding true romance in VH1’s next season of Flavor of Love.


I always love it when rappers get arrested and we find out his real name is Vincent Pierre Vonsyphilis or some shit.


If it’s a Genesis coupe, then he gets a pass. Anything else, then LOL.