Flier request

Hello Image Mishmash.

I need someone to make a flier for an upcoming tournament. http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=156503 This one in particular.
The text:

Chinatown Fair Team Tourneys

SBO style rules

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike - 3vs3 teams $3 per person

Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core - 2vs2 teams $2 per person

And it should have something GG and 3s related.
I can’t really say that I’ll repay you somehow, but I’ll ask people to rep you if anything. :razz:

Please and thank you. :bgrin:

Shameless bump.

even though this is commission work ill take a stab at it

Thank you so much. I am forever in your debt. :pray: