Flight cancel frustrations :(

So how n the hell do you fligt cancel successfully. What is your technique to do, with timing, how to handle the stick, when to do it etc. Im trying to extend iron man’s combos with a flight cancel but i am never able to link afterwards in time. Or when i try to flight cancel, i end up turning it into a aerial combo :wow:
Can you guys please help :slight_smile:

  1. Not really worth it due to the fact that doing an extended flight combo leaves him too far to OTG Proton Cannon. Really only worth it in the corner (doesnt add much damage, but gives good meter. I personally do j. m, j, m, j. h, dj. m, j. down-h, fly, j. m, j. down-h, exchange…OTG bombs into super.)

  2. Do QCB while IM is still doing the J. H motion on the screen. Also, the reason you’re doing an aerial exchange might be because you aren’t doing a full QCB? it’ll be easier if you do a reverse tiger knee motion (QCB-upforward) so the game doesn’t mistake your inputs. You’ll still get flight don’t worry, the inputs in this game are pretty lenient =/