Flight Cancelled Soul Fist?

So I,ve seen Morrigan players on Streams rapidly fire off soul fist and when Astral Vision is activated it seems like the whole screen is filled with the projectiles…

Ive always played Morrigan in a more rush style but it seems like ive been missing out on a big aspect of the character. So my question is exactly how do you Flight Cancel a soul fist? Ive been messing around in training mode but it dosent seem to be working out for me.

after u do a soulfist activate fly and u can do another soulfist then u unfly to recover faster…dont forget shes still pretty mobile in flight mode with her up n down air dashes

Just to add on to what karnige said
236L (or M or H, whatever version you want), wait until the fireball comes out because the move can be cancelled at any point by fly, even before the fireball actually comes out.
214S (flight), do another fireball, which can then be canceled by unfly, mitigating the recovery, or shoot a few more, follow it with airdash down forward, whatever you want.
You can actually cancel any of Morrigan’s specials into fly, even the command grab so you don’t have that silly whiff animation. Shadow blade cannot be canceled by unfly, however.

Forget the air dashes, her flight is just silly fast now.

I was wondering about this. My friend mention it to me.

I still couldn’t do it. Can somebody help me please.

so after i pressed the buttons for Morrigan to generate a soul fist, i press the buttons to make her fly and then soul fist again (either L, M or H)?

how to unfly right away?

I’m going to give the benefit of the doubt and assume this is a legit question, but you just input the flight command again. Example: :qcf:+:l:, :qcb:+:s:, :qcf:+:h:, :qcb:+:s:.

Her air dashes are still a huge part of her game. I feel that people don’t realize both her flight speed and air dash speed are momentum based. Hold forward in flight then airdash vs a raw airdash. Hold back for 2 seconds then airdash forward and go 0 distance. This is unlike any other characters airdash I know of, which send you a set distance.

Try an airsoulfist, flight cancel, hold forward, airdash forward with S. You can connect from full screen for a combo

Tbh I would had thought that would had been common knowledge by now.

I always utilize the flight cancel Soul Fist into my gameplay. It helps a lot and adds additional combo damage when I go into Darkness Illusion. It was hard to learn it at first for me, but now it’s like common sense. It’s like she’s my trump card, because most people don’t know what to expect with her.

You’d be surprised Omni.

Look at the date on the post you responded to.

derp >.>

I freaking love Morrigan but holy hell, her execution is insane. I’m a relative novice and I’ve been having a lot of trouble with it. I can pull off double soul fist fly cancels (i.e. jump, m soul fist, fly cancel, h soul fist, unfly cancel) but I’ve had a lot of trouble in mid-combo. Are there any execution tips for that scenario? Especially following f.H, jump uf, j.M. If I can let the stick return to neutral after the jump, I can occasionally get it down but it’s still extremely tough.

Her execution level is not mid-combo problem, but more natural game problem. I always feel with her that once you missed the flight cancel ( aka you didn’t cancel the recovery), you pretty much so vulnerable that even her relative high life bar won’t save her.

I’m not too sure what you’re asking, but you’re better off with f.H DP+L fly j.H QCF+H unfly jump j.mmh QCF+M fly ADD j.H QCF+H unfly S j.mmh DP+H QCF+AA. You can also end it with fly cancelling instead of boobie missiles into a TAC if you’re still midscreen for whatever reason. But if you get into the combo and are able to get your boobie missiles on, do it and TAC after that, if you’re within range obviously.

If you care more about figuring out the basic f.H combos, I just do st.M cr.H f.H jump mhs st.M f.M and delay the whole air part of combo so that the shell kick only hits twice, then go into launcher. Wait, isn’t that a mission?

If you are trying to do the soulfist loop combo, you have to dash after the Soul Fist M., and do jH, relaunch and end the combo with finishing shower.

If you are interested in a corner combo with soul fist loops here is the input for that combo.
jH, cH, S, jH, fly, jH, unfly, jH, jM, jM, jH, Soulfist H, fly, jM, jM, jH, soulfist M, unfly, jH, S, Shadowblade M, Finishing shower
If you practice this combo it should improve your execution as well. I have advance version of this combo if your interested :smiley:

I actually completely disagree, but that just might be me and combos not getting along again. Her neutral isn’t really very hard at all, and while flooding the screen with soul fists at high speeds can be difficult to maintain consistently, but her combos are actually quite difficult, especially in the context of this game.

Oh! I got a friend thats learning morrigan and this is just flat out better for consistency, I dunno why I never thought of s j.h fly j.h unfly j.h. Its so straight forward >.<

I have advance version of this combo, but it can be used anywhere on the screen if you want to learn it.
j.H, c.H, st. S, j.H, fly, j.H, unfly, j.H, j.H, Soulfist H, fly, downward dash, j.H, c.H, f. H, st. S, j.H, soulfist H, fly, Shadowblade M, Finishing shower