Flight > Dash Cancelling H's

What is the BnB for this? I cannot do a generic lmhs and then while in the air, mmh xx flight h dash h etc. even though I’ve seen it done. Did that get nerfed hard as hell in Ultimate? I’m on pad right now with a Madcatz TE in the mail(my first stick, woohoo). I checked youtube and there is about 20000 different combos.

What are you asking?

Some of Magneto’s combos dont work anymore but his flight dash canceled H loop still works if you bother checking the combo thread…

Hello Zombie, if you wish to get into a flight L, H,ADF H, ADF H…

you may start this loop by crouching LMHS->air H, adf M, flight, L, H, adf, H, adf and so on. this would be the most basic way to get into the heavy dash heavy loop.

another way, which is what i use as my basic bnb would be… something like this…

Hope this helps.

Huh, I was sure I checked it. Maybe I was being stupid and missed it somehow. Thanks for the reminder.

Wow, thanks! That doesn’t look too shabby and doesn’t seem too execution heavy(granted it IS Magneto). Thanks a ton, it does help.