Flippers CVS2 Team Tourney - 1/05/03

Crazy tournament, possibly the best one I’ve been to ever. Damn near every match was intense but none so much as the nerve-rackingly close matches between Andrew and Alex W. Every match had the crowd in an uproar, and every match concluding with a near full Rugal vs. near full Vega. In the end, Alex pulled off a victory for his team with a calculated roll->super. Another thing worth mentioning was Osvaldo’s lethal R2 Rugal pulling off many clutch victories and near OCV’s for his team. I’d also like to congratulate my teammates Nelson and Robert and thank them for always leaving me with a nice, full bar. :smiley: What’d I tell you people, CVS2 CAN be fun, especially with teams.

1st Place:
Robert/Nelson/Daher - C Groove Dhalsim/Ryu/R2 Yamazaki

2nd Place:
Milton/Tony/Osvaldo - K Groove Sagat/Terry/R2 Rugal

3rd Place:
Job/Ian/Alex W. - C Groove Rock/Hibiki/R2 Rugal

4th Place:
Kim/Mario/Andrew - C Groove Kim/Eagle/ R2 Vega

Correct me if I got anything wrong.

P.S. Teams should have names. Funny, wacky names. Post your team names here and I’ll add them to this post. I wonder what my team’s name should be…?

Daher this tournament was pure bhalarky crap. The first thing that needs to be said, is that this was a random team tourney. So obviously some people lucked out more than others. From now on we should stick to singles tournaments. I played like pure ass, but then again I was playing usually against one ratio1 and a full ratio2. Anyways, we should never have random teams again, and I can’t believe I played so bad. I could sit here and blame it on the buttons, but maybe my timing was off. Next tournament needs to be singles.

Lol, I know you’re pissed, Alex, but of course it was bullshit. All team tournies are bs. But damn it, it was fucking fun! We should have singles of course, but teams is also a good change of pace.

12 people at a Flippers tourney? Thats pretty increadible. I didn’t even know you guys still played. Well I’ll see you guys in about 2 weeks. I’m staying down here for the regional next weekend and then driving back home. Late.


Wow I didnt think you guys still played!

I droped the game after getting my ass wooped by tons of RC electricity, Blanka balls, or anything else that Ricky O. would come at me with. Arturo said right at NEC3. " I will never be that good at this game"
He was reefering to the cvs2 finals between INO and Ricky Ortiz…

So… on that note…FUCK CVASS 2!!!

I can’t believe how many times I have gone back to Marvel2. It’s all about the best team in the game…




You should have advertised it in the Tournament section!

If I knew ahead of time I’m sure Eric, Matthew, and Myself could have made it down.

Either way glad to see you guys are still playing down there.

And next time you have a tournament during the weekend let the rest of Florida know! :smiley: