Flippers MvC 2 tourney results


Here are the results:

1st: Milton (Askanison) Figueroa

2nd: Ozzie (Sentinels Force) Delisle

3rd: Nolbert Torres

4th: Roberto (Ein2001) Rios

5th: Job Figueroa

6th: 2nasty

7th: Alex (Servebotrolltrap) Walbert

8th: Joel Figueroa

9th:Claudio Morales

10th: Jumaane Reed

11th: Arturo (artryu) Veloz

12th: Manny (mannyrubby) Tejeda

13th: Antonio

14th: Onyx



Milton’s back in town? I thought he moved to PR? BTW congrats on 2nd Ozzie!

Also whatever happened to Saul “Perfecto” Bueno? He’s been missing for a while now.

I’ll post the results up on APEX as soon as I get 2Nasty and Onyx’s first and last’s names (Unless they don’t want to be included.).


Why don’t you guys post any more this site is getting kind of boring now that there are no more tourneys at arcadenet:( .
You guys should make more tourneys now that milton is back because its gonna get even more boring.
And besides this flippers tourney was cool:cool:


I thought Ozzie was the best down south of florida.
hmmm… I guess someone topped him in MvC2.
O well…


I wonder if that kid can do ahvb yet?


charlie guile owns ozzie!


guile aint owning no one :stuck_out_tongue:

 Cable tops  everybody... hahahahah :lol: ...it's true.


yea and so do crappy sticks.


Well here is the story arcadenet is dead so is flippers.Arcadenet its too far for some people its in a fucked up location.And isnt arcadenet out of business?And now flippers is pretty much going to be out of business also because no one goes there period.The place is pretty much dead last time i saw.And now especially the CvS 2 machines as far as i know have crappy controllers so do the MvC 2 machines but the thing is that the best machine they have for MvC 2 doesnt have all the characters unlocked which means its on level 0 all default characters.And the thing is thats the only machine u can actually wave dash or use speed characters like magneto and storm without fucking up.And now since flippers is too lazy to level up the machine (which will only take 1 hour or so ) I doubt anyone that knows what they are doing is going to go down there to lose to a random cable cyclops.And now especially since they plan on charging $5 and tokens to enter i doubt anyone will waste thier time and money unless they power up that middle machine because thats the only good machine the other two just suck and are made for little kids to mash buttons.So pretty much I and anyone else i know wont be going to flippers to play on sorry ass machines and lose to anyone.And who are u by the way?


im sorry but guile sentinel charlie is way too good.


it is, it takes out any strider doom


Ozzie I did not know you were so sensitive to the :lame: machine crap cause all the machines are screwed up and you switched with milton in the tournament so you cant blame the machines since either the machines are all screwed up or you made a lot of mistakes. And by the way I am Job I decided to get a more decent name than the last one I had (Blowjob) :lol: :lol:


Does Anybody know when the next tournament is gonna be?
Cause I am itching to get the hell out of my home for a little action:lol: :lol: :lol: :confused:


Como anda todo Job?

Will you be at Flippers this Saturday night?

Your brother Joel said he was going to try P-groove last time I spoke to him.
Has he followed through?


Damn…I just want to say that Ozzie is a biatche.Why do you ask…? It is because he parried ALL of my chun-li’s kick super when i tried to chip his life away…Damn… just wanted to get that out of my system…you bastard…and he parried Dudley’s super…that #$%^%&…sorry for the words…to those who do not know me please don’t mind me…this message is just for ozzie(did anyone notice my long run-on sentence…too good).I will get my revenge Ozzie…and no I am not a scrub…just disgruntled:mad:


Umm please of course it didnt matter because the two machines are the same what are u talking about.The middle machine is the only machines that a person can use speed characters effectly not by jumping by airdashing.And what are u talking about u act like ur brother had the hardest time using blackheart cable cyclops.Compared to me having to unfly and attempt a wave dash with sentinel and the shit would either pause or it would throw a mouth beam so again dont talk about what u dont know.




This place is dead…of course I mean the thread not the site.


I have no Idea when I will be at flippers again but I am trying to go since I am bored at my house. Joel using P-Groove :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: PLEASE joel would not even have to try to win with that groove since he will lose and then say (I never use the p-groove :lame: )

Si todo anda bien…Bien Abburido!!!1