Flippers360 SSF4 Tournament round 2 - (Hollywood, Florida) - (09/19/10)

Flippers 360 will be having a SSF4 tournament on 9-19-10

1v1 Full Double Elimination tournament.
Rounds are best of 3
Winners Finals, Losers Finals And Championship rounds are best of 5
We will be using XBOX 360’s connected to 32’ 720p TV’s using a VGA Cable.
Bring your own controller / Arcade Sticks.
The event will be streamed on Justintv.com/flippers360

Tournament signup starts at 2pm
Tournament will start at 3pm

ENTRY : $15
1st place : $250
2nd place : $50

prize money will increase if we get over 30 people.

Rules and settings will be posted on the forums at Flippers :: Home

7001 Taft Street, Hollywood, Florida, 33024. Phone number : (954) 981-7721

Or you can even private message me " juancast " if you have any questions. See you then :nunchuck:

To answer some of the questions ive been getting in my inbox. Yes it is the movie theater they took out one of the theaters and turn it into a game room really insane.

Any RSVP or preregistration opportunities, also shoot me a PM if you want another set up brought. Can bring xbox360 and rather large HDTV if needed

actually its a huge lan center they have 45 xboxs and 45 hd tvs . and no registration starts at 2pm . this is gonna be huge .


No PS3? man.

no its all xbox and i herd people complaining about the 1 frame lag on the ps3 lol . i personally dont care. but yeah all 360’s man.

I dunno. I heard some sketchy as fuck shit happened to a player that was forced to replay their match for no reason; I don’t think I’d go to this shit.

lol i was there and what happened was maverick paused the game when he was playing atrocity and complained about lagg which everyone knows there wasnt lagg so they switched tvs thats all . this is basically runed by street fighter players and we go by evo rules so w.e you herd is prolly a troll . i mean its w.e 250 $ who can argue with that .

All because of someone pausing it and having the match restarted you dont think your going to come? lol , i can understand if you thought the prize pot was going to the host but it isnt hes willing to lose money for a good tournament. so the whole match being reseted was because of a pause.

Oh and btw if atrocity told you that its because he lost against maverick and blamed it on switching tvs lol. im sorry i just hate when people spread false shit about a tournament and i help run it and its an amazing tournament. i mean flippers is new to fighting game tournaments they been running halo and call of duty , they want to make it big with fighting games to and all this false shit is not gonna help. i mean honestly the owner is losing money just to have a good time.

t did not have the match restarted, they gave atrocity the match. So because i ask to switch to another tv i forfited the game. and, yes the tv had bad lag real bad lag and, cake is right im not going bad there for stupid shit like that, and thats not evo rules if you pause you lose the round not the entire game.

a pause is actually a forfiet , they only took 1 match and you still won what are you complaining about…

oh and btw your the only one in the whole tournament who complained about lagg lol …

and honestly i dont care its not my money being thrown away i just told the owner id put this on srk but its w.e you guys dont want to go i can care less im going i could use 250$…

am not the only one i am the onlty one that would not play with the lag and, a pause is a forfiet of the round not the match evo rules states this but, he still took the match from me but, dont really care that shit over there is aweful

your talking as if your going to win… if thats the case you shouldnt be inviting us to it… youll most likely be dead last lol ha ha

i highly doubt that , but w.e and i dont care if i win or lose i love the experience… . honestly dont bring all this shit talking cause im not the guy to even care . either you go or you dont good bye.

I TALK SHIT… either take it or not… stop being a fucking bitch cause thats what your looking like right now… bitch cast lol

cool story bro.

I like how you assume it was me instantly yo. Cool story.

As for maverick I agree with him though… Setups are just not that great

And as for the him giving out 250 for winner no matter how many people as long as its good.

The owner was complaining last tourney about the cash payout because of there was a low number of people. Im happy he stands by his words but im just pointing that out. The setups they have is more for shooting and rhytem games