Floating washer jlf

googled and srk searched but only comments on that it exists, not fixes.

Anyway a jlf stick that I got a year or so ago I’ve been messing around with again. But low and behold I’ve got that floating washer in there which gets the directions stuck from time to time (not to mention the feel of lag when changing directions…)

Should I wipe off the lub from one side of the washer and super glue it onto the base?

Or should I just stretch out the spring so that the tension is higher on it thus should hopefully return to center quicker.

For the sake of comparison my other jlf stick feels quite loose and doesn’t stick at all. Seemingly no lag from going from holding a direction to center.

I did try fliping the washer over as well, but that made no difference.

My MadCatz SE stick’s floating washer was fixed very well by super glue. I suppose the JLF will exhibit the same benefits. If you take the stick fully apart, the washer is easy to glue down totally flat. Then reassemble the stick and put some silicone grease back in the pivot while you do it. It should feel really great. I got my silicone grease at Home Depot in the plumbing section.

Cool silicon grease, i’ll look around in my local stores for some. They seem to be expensive at Lizard Lick etc.

That’s the picture of a HAPP pivot (cylindrical) versus a JLF pivot (hemispherical). It does not show the washer we are talking about. For the washer, see this picture; which shows a completely disassembled JLF stick. The washer in discussion is shown placed between the E-clip and the spring/spring clip. In the assembled stick, it sits just below black plastic body of the joystick and directly above the top of the spring clip. I believe it is there to prevent the spring clip from rubbing against the pivot and plastic body. In the SE stick a similar washer is present and loose, and as the stick shaft is rotated, it tilts and sometimes scratches the underlying PCB. On first glance, it appears that the JLF washer is a little smaller in size, and since we have not heard any reports of scratched JLF PCBs, it may have rounded edges unlike the sharp SE washer. I don’t think it will hurt to glue this to the black joystick body so that it won’t tilt out and stick against the spring clip. In the SE stick there is a depression that is supposed to hold it in place, and I suspect there is one in the JLF as well. I glued my SE washer inside the depression so that it can never tilt out.

This is what I picked up at Home Depot, and Lowe’s has it too. I think it’s about $3.50.


This is an issue even for JLFs? Is this a known problem for Sanwa sticks in general? I’ve been beating myself up to find a JLF…

Yeah I just realized you guys were talking about that metal washer before you posted this. So I removed the post. If it’s not damaging the pcb then I think I’ll leave it as is. Might try putting some grease on the pivot though. sounds like a good idea.

super glued it and its still gets stuck though it does feel slightly better. I’ll go try the grease out now and see if that helps.

nope problem is still there.

Out of a whim I tried doing the same stuff but without the shaft cover… so far its working >.< damn my luck.