Flooding in Mass and RI: Barack Obama doesn't care about Portugese People


So my fellow 'Islanders and Massholes are in the thick of some of the worst flooding in the last 200 years. Now, while we have to literally swim to the mall, here are CNN’s top headlines for the northeast:

State considers cigarette tax WKBW
Napolitano tours flood area WPRI
Scrap diggers find human bones WPXI
’Condom Casino’ is sex ed WPTZ
Teen stuck in tree rescued WHDH
7-7-7-7 costs Pennsylvania Philly.com
Students protest funding cuts WKBW

“Teen stuck in tree rescued” is beating out this.

Anyway, who else here had to pump out their basement? Anybody get evacuated? TELL THEM STORIES!


it looks like the mall might be closed so don’t bother swimming there


i posted this up in another thread, but it’s highly related to all the flooding going down up there in the northeast: http://wonkroom.thinkprogress.org/2010/04/02/coburn-flood-insurance/

i hope the complications that arise because of this are overcome quickly and sweepingly.


Just to be fair and balanced, Obama is in (or was just in) Massachusetts. He was an hour of driving from Rhode Island, and passed us by. RI is getting good and hosed by both parties.


sorry to hear that man, i think a lot of states get hosed by both parties, only real way to fix it imo is for both liberal and conservative voters to work together to clean up both parties so that they actually, you know… work for us.


Obama’s likely to win RI in 2012 by a 70-30 margin. If RI was a swing state, he’d be all over this shit.


yep, and it’s because of this that a disproportionate amount of voter influence compared with population levels gets migrated to the swing states and thus a very small % of the population is making decisions for the vast majority. a great example of this can be seen in the senate where in 1 joe liebermann can trump 59 other senators so that less that 0.5% of the total US population made decisions for the other 99.5% etc.


Im sure the 17 people in RI will be ok if more people are looking to see if people are getting rescued from trees…


I’m in Mass. Flooding completely missed us! Woot!


Wow, maybe I should pay attention to the fucking news sometimes. I didn’t know places were being flooded. Hopefully you saved as much shit as you could. That sucks yo.


Also I can’t believe CNN has not a single headline on Phoebe Prince.


How’s CT doing? I mean, like… it’s right there.


Like I says, the news is talking about folks getting stuck in trees and Scientology instead of a pretty good chunk of the state being waist-deep in water.

They also got smacked.


Massholes made me laugh. Best of luck to you guys with all this crazyness. I’m going to enjoy my 25 degree (Celsius) weekend.

Uh, wait… Shit. I broke The Code.

I mean its fucking freezing freezing out there. My igloo is literally a block of ice now and both of my snow dogs are dead. Won’t make the afternoon hockey game tomorrow. Maybe Mayor Steve, King of Ontario, will give me a ride on his golden snowmobile.


AH HA eat that shit AL GORE TWICE!!! global warming my ass, first it was cold as shit with winter storms and now it’s raining swiming pools!!!../sarcasm

damn yo, some people are fucking hilarious.

im outi



Obama gave a shout-out to the miners that died in that explosion in West Virginia. West Virginia, by the way, is considered a “weak red state” in the elections, which could be hypothetically won by a democrat in the presidential elections. Just saying.

I got that news on my Blackberry while I was canoeing to the grocery store. (Not really)


My basement is still flooded atm. It was pretty mcuh cleared but still really wet with puddles all over, but today it rained again so the water went up to like 1-2inches again.

Anyways, FEMA came to inspect our house and we’re not getting anything. Only thing we can get is a loan.


wow this is wild. best wishes to RI people.