Florida Breakdown Tournament VIII Results!

Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Cancelled due to lack of participants.

Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core (7 Participants)
1st - Alex G. (Dizzy, Eddie)
2nd - Makubex (Anji)
3rd - ShadowMan 2099 (May)
4th - Darkhonor90 (Ky)

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (5 Participants)
(Rules changed to Round Robin)
1st - Mavrick (Bison)
2nd - MiamiX-Alex (Guile, Vega)
3rd - Giovanni (Ryu)
4th - Razkal (Dee Jay, Chun Li)

Street Fighter 4 (38 Participants)
1st - D’Nyc3 (Balrog)
2nd - Big5 (Ryu)
3rd - Randomsuper (Blanka, Dhalsim)
4th - G1itch (Blanka, Balrog, Bison, E.Honda)

SSJ2Jeff, Hyperblast, Darkhokage - Thanks for bringing 360s for this tournament!

The Juggernaut and Character - It’s good to see you guys again! It sucks y’all gotta leave after the GGXXAC Tournament…

Juniorv376 - Good matches. Thanks for showing me your stick! I will have my own dual PCB stick as well.

Rick F’n Stalvey - Rick w/o drinks in him?!

Darkhonor90 - Welcome back! I’m glad to see you and ShadowMan 2099 using arcade sticks now.

Dreadzx18 - Props on getting Top 10 with Vega!

Hyperblast, Art, Pyrotion - It’s been a while seen I see y’all in my tournaments!

Alex G., Mavrick, D’Nyc3 - Congrats on getting 1st Place!

Thanks for everybody that came to this tournament! I hope to see you guys next time!

Andrew got 4th.

Damn only nigga without a main taking top 4 :rofl:

Good times.

It was fun.

good shit D. See you at ECT.

Wont make it. I got inventory on the 6th

when is the next one?

the fun in dennys, no shout out about that!!!wat?!?

will def post the argument with dc comics lol

ight my nigga nyce. Good shit, BC!

Around June.

Oops! Forgot about the Denny’s craziness.

Here’s the vid about the argument… http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=187676