Florida couple murders young girl, then brag about it on Facebook



Retarded shit


Girl was rocking the duckface. Must’ve provoked a reaction.

People are getting dumber and dumber by the minute though. Not clearing out your goggle search cache?


who cares?


Well actually it’s not* that* retarded. It’s retarded, but not beyond all reason. They probably thought the partying pictures would be their alibi.


at least they didnt eat her Face, the judge is obviously going to throw the Book at these two


I like how the reporter just couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful the victim was. It struck me to be far more odd than the case itself.


cause she was white, duh


All the more upsetting because Nancy Grace was the one delivering the report.


Was I the only one appalled by how old the reporter was? After about 10 seconds of staring at her face I closed the window.


Oh, is this like when I’m at the swimming pool and I’ve been looking at boobs and butts and stuff, and I wash out my goggles before I leave so that my mom won’t be able to tell? My friend told me that images can burn into plastic lenses on a really sunny day.


why does the reporter keep talking about how the victim is a beautiful girl? wtf why is that relevant. she is a human being, she was murdered, her life does not have more or less value based on her looks. would the media not have cared if this were an ugly black woman? cmon now.

anyway this is a very sad story. so much danger lurks out there in the world, were all lucky to be alive. hope the two murderers are tortured and beaten to death


1000% Guarantee that this would get NO attention if she was ugly. Look at how much emphasis they put on her looks.


The media would’ve cared less if it was an ugly black girl.


Because at the end of the day, that is the only reason why this is getting coverage.

Edit: Just making a title and throwing in a link is not how you make a fucking thread. Stop doing shit like this please. Lazy assholes.


AND unfriended. they would totally be off of my friends list for what they’ve done.


the moral of the story…if you’re hot, don’t hang around a bunch of ugly fucks. fucking christ, did you see those characters she was allegedly “partying” with?!


Fact: Killing someone who is beautiful is a much worst crime than killing someone who is ugly.


i agree, this laziness has gone too fart


I thought you guys were exaggerating about the “beautiful” thing. Geez…

Everyone involved looked like a bunch of Whiskey Tangos to me.