Florida Gaming: Orlando, FL August 8th(Updated With VIDEOS) Full Results


Street Fighter 4 Main Event 46 Entrants

Grand Finals Set 1 Jebailey Vs Jo [media=youtube]3XVqfoauj2g[/media]
Grand Finals Set 2 PART 1 Jebailey Vs Jo [media=youtube]JW-jz3ApA0I[/media]
Grand Finals Set 2 Part 2 Jebailey Vs Jo [media=youtube]hgTB6dakEVQ[/media]
Losers Finals Part 1 Jebailey Vs Richel [media=youtube]AceGL_eOgJo[/media]
Losers Finals Part 2 Jebailey Vs Richel [media=youtube]ewppF1RlaEQ[/media]
Winners Bracket Jebailey Vs Heidern(The only Vega Player in the WORLD) [media=youtube]CgE0vsVFGq4[/media]

1: Alex(GoogleMyName) Jebailey (Balrog, G2 Ryu) ($276.00)
2: Jo Gray (Rog/Rufus) ($92.00)
3: Richel Hernandez (Sagat) ($46.00)
4: peter ong (Dhalsim) $23.00
5: Manny Tejeda (Zangief) ($23.00)
5: Arsenio Betancourt (Bison) ($23.00)
7: Arturo Veloz Honda
7: Leland Miller ( Gief)
9: John Martin
9: Andrew Quintero
9: Javier Guzman X
9: jeffrey tessar
13: Mike Kaye
13: Prince Martinez
13: Carlos Valdes
13: John Garland X
17: Nestor Ramirez X
17: david hanson
17: Ian Shotton
17: Van Hoang
17: Jigme Dukpa
17: Jose Rullan
17: Carlos Martinez
17: Matt Simmons
25: Tony Moore X
25: James Reyes X
25: Eric Morono X
25: Brandon Decker X
25: Corey Couvillion X
25: Ben Reed
25: Brett Roth X
25: Angel Seco
33: Keith Kelly X
33: Matthew Zayas
33: Mark Cochran X
33: Charley Reichmeier X
33: Paul Aquino
33: Nelson Forced Vegas
33: Miguel Nunez
33: Jason Devlugt
33: Jeffrey Reed
33: Danny Cochran
33: Carlos Dominguez
49: Mike Song
49: Joe Voorheis
49: Matt Phillips

BlazBlue full Results 22 Entrants

1: Alex Tsakanikas
2: jeffrey tessar
3: John Martin
4: Trent Van Deven X
5: Jordan Berry
5: Will White
7: Clayde Campbell
7: Carlos Martinez
9: Mike Lin
9: Ian Shotton
9: joshua campbell
9: Jeffrey Reed
13: Nestor Ramirez X
13: Charley Reichmeier X
13: Zach Lajoie
13: James Scott
17: Jo Gray X
17: Justin Dirghalli
17: Matthew Zayas
17: Ben Reed
17: Eric Morono X
17: Matt Beilewech

Friday Night SF4 2v2 Team Tournament 7 Teams

1: Alex Jebailey and Peter Ong
2: Jose Rullan Leland Miller
3: Torrin Billy
4: Nestor Carlos
5: (John Joe Prince
5: Lord Brett
7: Tony Blitz

SF4 Teams 3v3 (8 Teams)

1: We Love Jebailey (Jo, Javier, Andrew)
2: Random Miami Scrubs (Arsenio B, Manny Tejeda, Arturo Veloz)
3: Anal Passions (Nestor Ramirez + Carlos Martinez + Jimisama)
4: You’re a G and I’m a G2 (Alex Peter Leland)
5: Team Crush Jebailey’s Balls (Jeff, Jason, Mike)
5: Where the Fuck Is Peter (RIchel, JC, Matt)
7: We All Play Balrog (John Joe Eder)
7: WildCard (John Tony Charley)

Miami Vs Orlando 6 on 6 Exhibition
Miami- Richel, Andrew, Manny, Arsenio, Jo Gray, and Arturo
Orlando-Alex J, Peter Ong, Trent, Leland, Javier,

Exhibition Videos to be posted By Wednesday 8/12 morning
Miami Wins with 2 Players Richel and Manny Left

Thank you to everyone for coming out to another Event.


Miami- I thank you guys for always supporting the Orlando Tournaments and coming out. Means a lot to us in Orlando. And Good Stuff representing pretty much more then half of the final 10 results in SF4.

Jo Gray- You’ve come a long way since this [media=youtube]QQ120_VMPqM[/media]
Damn close finals with you man. Seriously, you went to EVO and came back with 100 times more skill at SF4.
Truly Close Finals.
For the record, Jo Owned me 3-0(His Rog to my Ryu in the winners finals, Then I came back 3-0(My Rog to his Rog) in the first set of the Grand Finals to send Jo to Losers, then Won the 2nd set (My Rog to his Rufus) just barely at 3-2.

To everyone who helped, and provided Systems Thank you

Ian- Thanks for running Blazblue perfectly and in less then 2 hours
Jose-As always man without you I couldn’t do this

I’ll come back with more Later on.


Good shit Alex and everyone who helped get this thing going. Props to all the people I played and all the interesting play styles I saw. Great support for BB and real fun matches. Much respect to Senkai for holding it down in BB finals.

Thanks also to anyone cheering for me during my matches. Nothing is appreciated more.

Glad to see old school friends and meet some new school cats. GGS.

BTW, Alex, Tio lets you list the name of the player and the handle. You should do that for results =D

Oh when should we expect vids to be up?


I love those Marvel players who put it on infinite time and handicap all the way down.

That’s right… infinite time.

Good job on the tourney Jebaily :wink: I had lots of fun, and it was great seeing some old school players and such!


was mad Fun, now where are teh videos… i need to see my Video with me vs Cloudryu


Thanks for another great tourney Alex!!

Props to the BB players for helping me keep the tourney running smoothly!!


When I use Tio, I put Real Names under NickName and vice Versa so the brackets show the real names to make it easier.

I haven’t seen an option to show both names, Help me out buddy :). I’ll fix it tonight when I get back to my laptop.

As for the videos, I’ll need a couple days to separate and edit everything as well as I finally have some time to unpack and clean up my new place. So By This coming Friday I’ll have them all posted up on youtube by matches, I remember who played what and such so shouldn’t be a problem labeling them.

Glad to have you come out Jeff, Thanks for the Vega Show :).


Just wanted to say thanks for the great time guys, and I wanted to shoutout to the Marvel players who were teaching me a couple things, I really appreciate it.

Can’t wait for your next tourny Google.



Ah IC how you did it… well no way to fix that =D No worries everyone should know other people for the most part.

Thanks again Alex. Regardless of your ego, you will always be my bro. :smokin:

Oh and thanks Ian for hooking it up with the BB tourney. Well done. I got your inv on PSN can’t wait to play some games.

Anyone else who wants to add me, or whatever, I am Heidern98 on AIM, Dustloop, Live, PSN, IRC, etc etc


I’m pretty sure my friend got your gamertag from you Heidern. I only have BlazBlue on 360 so far, but I’ll send you a friend request anyways.

That Jin was amazing! You live around CFL?


Great tourney, I was the random Ryu/Fei Long player with the samurai lobster stick. I met some hella cool people, but never got any names from anyone sadly haha. Good stuff to everyone I played in SF4 :slight_smile:


Anal Passion ftw! Representing Orlando in Winners’ and Losers’ final! lol I had a lot of fun, and I didn’t expect to get that far. Also, 17th (3-2) is probably the farthest I’ve ever gotten in a tournament with more than 17 people.


I attended the Blazblue tourney and had a lottt of fun. Everyone was really friendly and the venue was one of the best tourneys I’ve ever been too.

I played at least half of the players there, and talked to a lot of people.

Since we weren’t being called by our nicknames I was “Will” at the tourney that played Noel… if anyone wants to get some matches on XBL please send me a invite : )
XBL : GrindFoX


hope there are more of these frequently, I’ll be down in less than 3 weeks for good :smiley:


Good shit, Joe. That’s how you come back from EVO and fuck shit up. See all the miami cats at Battle Lounge on the 5th.


WTF? Why didnt trent join SF4?


Why didn’t anyone from Tampa show up? Did you guys realize you can’t hang with Miami or Orlando in Sf4?


they got scared by your tight shirt jebailey :rofl:


he played in the 6v6 Miami vs Orlando exhibition


Where you at Rick!? And seriously, where was Tampa at!?
I’m already looking forward to the next one Jebailey, good shit.


I drove from St.Pete to the tourney… uhh if that counts :lol: