Florida Gaming:Orlando, FL SF4/BlazBlue/Brawl Tournament August 7th+8th

It’s time for another Florida Gaming Event.
If you came to our last one(SF4 Results and Comments here: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=193076), We would like to thank you for being one of over 400 people to come through our Doors to make it such a success. We’re back and this time everything will be Twice as Good. Twice the Days, Twice the Room Size, Twice The fun. And only 10 Dollar Door Fee Still for Both Days(Still 10 if you come for just oneday).

When:Friday/Saturday August 7th/8, 2009 ( Doors open at 5 pm on Friday and Saturday morning at 8 am. Doors Close around Midnight each Night)
Games: Street Fighter 4 Singles and Teams/BlazBlue/Smash Bros. Brawl
Where: 1.5 Miles away From Disney World in Orlando Florida at
Ramada Celebration Resort
6375 West Irlo Bronson Memorial
Highway Kissimmee, Florida 34747
Inside of the FLORIDA HALL in Convention Center
How to Register your Name: Go to http://www.imwiifit.com
All Information and registration form will be there.
Over $1000 in cash and prizes
Other Important Notes: This is BYOC/Sticks and or Converters, $10 Dollar Door fee to enter the event which includes Both Days. Read below for Fees for each Game.
ALL Fighting Game TOURNAMENTS Will be on XBOX 360(Only). There will be Casual Setups on PS3 For games, but these are ONLY for Casuals for all players, but All tournament matches will be on Xbox 360 only, so be prepared to
borrow a buddy’s stick or have your own dual modded or Xbox only Stick to play during the tournament)

Schedule of Events and Times:

Street Fighter 4 Main Event Tournament $10:
Cash Prizes for Top 5(60/20/10/5/5)
Start time is approx. at 12:00 Noon Pm on** SATURDAY**
This is Bring your Own Controller or Stick(Please bring appropriate converters, sticks controllers)
Double Elimination Random(Cities will be separated as much as possible) Brackets
Each match is 3 rounds and you must win 2/3 3 round games to advance
Winner/Loser and Grand Finals will be 3/5 matches.

All characters unlocked and selectable including Seth and Gouken
Winner Keeps same character/Loser may Change character
Street Fighter 4 TEAM Tournament $5 dollar per player/15 per team (Xbox 360)**
Payout is 70/30 for Top 2 Teams
Team Tourney Will Start at 7:30 Pm Friday
3 Vs 3 Single Elimination
Each Team must have 3 different characters.
2 Teams will face each other. Player’s A From Each team play one match, and the winner stays. The loser will be the team with players no longer left.
Each Game will be set to 3 rounds(2/3).
These Games will be 2/3 in a Special Way.
Each Team Must lose Twice(All 3 players get knocked out twice).
So after the first Matches are done, The winning Team Keeps Same Order and Same Characters.
Losing Team MAY Change Characters and their Team Order)
First Team to knock out the other team Twice Advances

SF4: 5 on 5 Exhibition Friday Or Saturday Depending on Players
Orlando Vs Miami
An Exhibition of top players from Both Orlando and Miami, FL.

**BlazBlue Tournament ($5)(Xbox 360 Only) **
Start Time is 3:00 Pm Saturday August 8th
Payout is 60/30/10
Double Elimination
Match Settings:
Best out of 3 games
Best out of 3 Rounds, 99 seconds
Grand Finals: 2/3 Rounds 3/5 games
No unlimited characters/ No Easy Specials

All Finals will be on Xbox 360 and Connecting to a Massive Projector(Split with a Lag Free TV for competitors).

-Please be respectful of others, Bullying or Blatant rudeness to other players will result in ejection from the event.-Please take the time right away to adjust your buttons before each match. Any pausing during a match will result in a loss for that match
-If you are not involved in a match we will ask that you stand at least a foot away from the players when they are in a match. Interference will result in a loss on your next match.
Above all, Have fun with new and old friends alike enjoying a great hobby

Smash Brawl and Melee Tournaments will be held as well and all information will be here http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=236545

Check Back for Updates and
Please Register your name and information at http://www.imwiifit.com.

pre-regged /flex

Please bring a recorder. Top 8 matches should be recorded on big screen.

Damn that day Im leaving for the Keys, Im gonna miss an awsome tournament :frowning:

gonna try to make this.

Lookin’ forward to this. I’ll definitely be in for BB.

Lets Roll

can’t wait

Greenbacks willing, I’ll be there.

They are considering have a Tatsunoko vs Capcom side tournament, but are unsure if people will actually enter. It’ll probably be like a $5 tournament.
Would anyone be interested in entering?

Also. For BlazBlue, will there be PS3 controller converters available for use?

I’ll be there for BB and Super Smash Brother’s Melee.

In possibility of asking a dumb question, will there still be a Melee tournament? It only says Brawl (but says something different on Smashboards).

Nope not a dumb question. With florida Gaming, I handle all of the SF/ and Non smash Fighting games. I added the info and link for the Smash Brawl/Melee Info here and in the first post. Thanks for pointing it out.

Edit: Nevermind.

Hey guys,

At the last FG event we had around 70 or 80 SF4 players. But this time we want more!!! Only YOU guys can make iit happen we want at least 100, yes i said 100 SF4 players for this one lets make this one the biggest one yet guys!!! Start telling EVERYBODY about it and hopefully we will 100! So start getting hype!!!:woot::woot::woot::woot::woot:

hey im pretty sure ill be able to make it but some flyers to post up at spots would help alot. I can name about 3 or 4 high traffic areas that would be willing to advertise the event.

Hey guys just a correction on my previous post we didnt have 70 or 80 SF4 players we had … 90! so come on what is 10 more people? just make this happen guys come on YOU can do this!!!:clapdos:

The last event was a huge success. The SFIV tourney is going to be even bigger. Please check out the pictures from one of the past events.

80+ Players for smash alone!

Huge Venue with over 20 Smash setups and 40 Halo/Gears of War setups!!

moderators… PLEASE STICKY THIS!!!

I’m there for BB and Brawl.

cool, lets talk this up!